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DESIGN MATTERS By Jeff Russ Jeff Russ is Sr. Art Director for Signs of the Times, and is a freelance designer and illustrator. The Olympic Spirit Posters have always represented the popular design motifs of their times. ST’s Sr. Art Director, Jeff Russ, will be writing a bi-monthly column that covers topics of special interest to sign designers and graphic artists. Sincewerefirst modern Olympic the games held in Athens in 1896, they have been announced to the world with posters. These very collectible designs all represent graphics from their era, and each represent the cutting-edge printing technologies of their day: lithography, screenprinting, offset, and most recently, digital printing. Here are some of the best. ■ Love it or leave it? The London 2012 Olympic typeface is called 2012 Headline, but my name for it is Maskingtape Madness. This crude font is impossible to kern, and gives the viewer vertigo if used for more than just a few words. Nothing about this font conveys the grace and beauty of the Summer Games. Verdict: DNF 46 SIGNS OF THE TIMES / SEPTEMBER 2012 /

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Signs of the Times - September 2012
ST Update
Possible Future for Digital Printing
Technology Update
Vinyl Apps
Strictly Commercial
Lighting Techniques
The Moving Message
Technology Review
Technology Review
Design Matters
New Products
Show Yourself
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Looking Ahead
Pop Art
Neon: Green Again
Channel-letter Update
Industry News
Advertising Index
Editorially Speaking

Signs of the Times - September 2012