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TECHNOLOGY REVIEW By Chris and Kathi Morrison Chris and Kathi Morrison own and operate The Image Specialists, a full-service graphics company based in Clements, CA. Chris is also a Microsoft-certified systems engineer. MultiCam Waterjet Cutters Cut stone, tile, metals, vinyl, foam, rubber, plastics and numerous soft materials. MultiCam cuttinghas manufactured Inc. CNC-based machines for ® Key Information MultiCam Inc. 1025 West Royal Lane DFW Airport, TX 75261 (972) 929-4070 Contact: Kelsey Smith, marketing manager (972) 929-4070, Ext. 2005 3000 Series WaterJet The precision, production-rated, 3000 Series WaterJet system offers table choices of 60 x 60 in. to 80 x 192 in.; it ships with MultiCam’s NC GeoMate software and cuts numerous materials for such high-end uses as aerospace, metal fabrication, signmaking, boat and vehicle accessories and more. It easily switches between pure water and abrasive-based cutting, and its handheld keypad interface allows you to set up and jog the machine remotely. The 3000 Series features an on-board, integrated PC (with a 19-in. LCD monitor). 6000 Series WaterJet MultiCam designed the 6000 Series WaterJet for large-production facilities and manufacturers that require accuracy and cut quality across an expansive processing area. The motion platform is independent from the cutting surface, to make material loading and unloading easier. Table sizes range from 120 x 60 in. to 144 x 481 in. (You can add additional 120-in. workspace sections.) It also ships with MultiCam’s NC GeoMate software. NC GeoMate WaterJet Programming Software MultiCam’s NC GeoMate software for CNC waterjet systems is fully optimized to the demands of waterjet cutting; further, the software merges with MultiCam’s EZ Control®, integrated PC that allows you to prepare new projects while the machine is in full production. Options MultiCam’s standard waterjet options include single or dual, abrasivehead assemblies; up to four, purewater heads; a pneumatic drill; an integrated, CNC-controlled, air conditioner; an intensifier chiller; an abrasive-removal system; an air-ballast, water-leveling system; closed-loop-filtration systems; and an advanced graphical-interface, industrial, PC-based workstation. MultiCam supports its product line via a network of more than 70 technology centers worldwide. These provide factory-certified technicians for training, application and service support. The company says it has an install base of more than 9,300 units worldwide. ■ more than 20 years and, today, it manufactures CNC-technology cutting routers, lasers and digitalfinishing systems, plus plasma- and waterjet-based cutters. MultiCam’s CNC-drive machines are employed in signmaking, woodworking, cabinet-making and furniture production, and in metal and plastics shops worldwide. Abrasive-waterjet cutting is suitable for shaping numerous materials, and its main features are clean-edge cuts, accuracy and a low-temperature cutting environment. Although it’s often applied to such hard materials as stone, tile, concrete and metals, waterjet cutting is also desirable for such substances as vinyl, foam, rubber, plastics and other soft materials. V-Series WaterJet MultiCam’s Value-Series WaterJet® is an effective, entry-level CNC cutter. Its KMT NEOLine™ 40i intensifier, designed for heavy-duty applications and low maintenance, is rated at 40 hp and 55,000 psi. The V-Series is a great option for small shops that need the versatility and flexibility of waterjet cutting. In addition to its cutting features, the Value Series comprises high-standard shield systems that keep the bearing surfaces and X, Y and Z axes clear of abrasive buildup; the package also includes MultiCam’s NC GeoMate software. Multicam WaterJet table sizes V-Series 3000 Series 6000 Series 60 x 122 in. 60 x 60 in. to 80 x 192 in. 120 x 60 in. to 144 x 481 in.; option to add 120-in. workspace sections. 40 SIGNS OF THE TIMES / JANUARY 2013 /

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Signs of the Times - January 2013