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Crane Truck Safety Advice Buzz Lightyear and other aerial workers offer unique suggestions. By Darek Johnson “Stress is always present on the job.” – I-80 Equipment, Colona, IL “I come in Peace.” – Buzz Lightyear Scott Powerline rents, sells, leases and services (24/7, anywhere) state-of-the-art aerial equipment built by Tadano Mantis, National Crane, Elliott, Terex and other known manufacturers. Scott also modifies equipment to meet specific customer needs or required safety regulations, and provides training, parts and maintenance. Allaerial (off-ground) workers signshop work involves risks, but face the highest daily risks. So, more than most of us, they must remember the working guy’s safety creed: Return home tonight in the same form as when you departed this morning – unscathed, with your arms, legs, head and kidneys in place. Equally important is to look out for those who work with you. Infinity and beyond Buzz Lightyear’s favorite phrase – “To infinity and beyond” – easily relates to crane-truck operators because crane education, training, certification, experience, evaluation and safety precautions should be nonstop, to infinity and beyond. In November 2011, ST published a “Crane Truck Study Guide”, and its first page listed OSHA’s craneuse precautions (see page 64). In January 2012, then-ST associate editor Robin Donovan’s “Crane Truck Roundtable” feature gathered crane-related training and operation views from four industry authorities (see page 58). Even earlier, other ST writers offered cautions and advice on crane use. For example, George Doll, in his “Crane Safety” feature (see ST, September 2002, page 98) said electrical contact is the major cause 60 SIGNS OF THE TIMES / JANUARY 2013 /

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Signs of the Times - January 2013
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Signs of the Times - January 2013