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ISA Sets a Course for the Future... (Continued from page 69) SFI also has released other important research, including studies on signs and traffic safety. You’ll be hearing much more about that in the coming months. Our relationship with SFI is proof that ISA won’t stop working on behalf of its members while we undertake the reorganization. We have plans to initiate other research initiatives as well. We’ll continue to educate members through our new online learning system and at events like ISA International Sign Expo 2013. And we’ll continue to advocate for the best interests of our industry in both regulatory bodies and code-making organizations. Hello, My Name Is... Ann Hoins When Gene Young founded his sign company in 1978, daughter Ann Hoins was there by his side. It was a place she’d been for much of her life. Her father had always worked on silk screens around the house and she had a job as a “runner,” putting wet decals around the house to dry. The two—along with most of the other Youngs—shared a love of art. So it just made sense when Gene bought an existing sign business that Ann would be there, too. k at IS nal Loo Occasio An s n HoinMembers An A In the years since, her job has entailed far more than just assisting with silk-screening. At one point, she was art director. She now is president and co-owner of Young Sign Company, based in Leavenworth, Kansas. And it wasn’t just a father/daughter business for very long. Her husband John joined in the first month and her brother Tom came in a few years later. ISA won’t stop working on behalf of its members while we undertake the reorganization. The sign industry has changed in many ways since my dad started the company in 1948. ISA is and will continue to be there to ensure that the industry remains strong for the next generations. | “Something about signs gets in your blood,” Ann said. “It’s funny how, once you get in this business, you stop and look at signs when you’re on vacation. You take pictures. You just can’t be without it. You’re growing based on what you see and you’re inspired by what you see other people do.” Her three sons were often along for the ride when she was stopping to take vacation photos of other signs. And it got in their blood, too. Sons Eric and Chris work for the company; son Jeff did until he married and moved to Memphis. He remains on call as the technical expert for the shop. “We need IT people in the sign business as it’s become more of a technology company,” she said. “Sign companies that didn’t change and embrace technology seem to be the ones that struggle the most and some didn’t find a way to continue.” The attitude at Young has always been to embrace technology, with John in particular leading the charge. “We used to do everything by hand,” she said. “I’d hand-draw the layouts and get them approved and everything was hand lettered. Now that’s such a thing of the past.” Though the art aspect of sign making still holds the strongest appeal, investing in technology is an important way to make sure that the company can extend to another generation. “It has to live beyond us,” Ann said. “I work way too many hours. Our sons have embraced the business and they work hard at it.” So, too, do all 15 employees, who help Young Sign Company provide everything from vehicle graphics to pole signs. A member of the Kansas State Sign Association, WSA and ISA, Hoins believes in being involved in the industry and in the community. That’s another lesson learned from her mother and father, who have “been on every board and committee in town. That’s what they do. The world needs more people to give of their time. You can’t expect the world to be better if you don’t give of yourself. Things can’t get done if you don’t have volunteers.” And already, the next generation of Young Sign Company is getting started. Granddaughter Jane, age 2, has begun to visit the offices. At this point, she’s happy to play with the calculator, but she may just find that signs get in her blood too. | statistical facts ••• Retailers have put their mobile efforts into point of sale setups, including e-receipts and site optimization for smartphones and tablets, 70 ISA Report • • • January 2013

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Signs of the Times - January 2013
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Signs of the Times - January 2013