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SIGN MUSEUM NEWS By Tod Swormstedt Tod Swormstedt is the president/founder of the American Sign Museum (Cincinnati). Keep on truckin’ The Quiel Bros. offer a magnificent donation. Christmas cameSign Museum. We early last year for the American received a very matter-of-fact email from Gary Quiel (Quiel Brothers Signs, San Bernardino, CA): “My company has a restored 1944 Dodge truck with the hand-crank Garland crane. We would like to donate it to the museum if you are interested. Please let me know.” I nearly fell out of my chair. I had actually visited Quiel Brothers in the early days of the museum – sometime in 2000 or 2001 – in a swing through Southern California. I met Ray Quiel, the company patriarch. He graciously showed me around the shop and, when we got to the garage area, over in the corner was an old crane truck. Even back then, my heart jumped . . . He said, “Oh, yeah, we restored that old Dodge truck. We use it for public promotions, driving in parades. We even had it at several Route 66 celebrations. Maybe I’ll donate it to the museum sometime.” I had filed away that offer in my head all these years. I called Gary immediately. Gary told me his father had found the flatbed truck in unusually good condition. It didn’t have a crane, but Ray located a 1949 Garland hand-crank crane at a Sacramento junkyard. Ray had actually operated 10th Annual Online Auction The Museum opens its 10th Annual Online Auction for bidding next month. Once again, sign companies will be able to bid on an array of sign products, materials, services and equipment they use everyday. A win-win proposition: Discount prices and supporting the museum at the same time! Watch the website for more information: 38 SIGNS OF THE TIMES / FEBRUARY 2013 / Ray founded Quiel Brothers Signs in January, 1961. His three sons – Larry, Jerry and Gary – operate the business today. a similar crane on a 1947 GMC truck in his early days in the sign industry, so there was special significance. Quiel completely restored the truck and crane: “We disassembled every part – sandblasted, steamcleaned and painted them all – and re-assembled them using stainlesssteel bolts. We reupholstered the interior and reconditioned the wood bed,” beamed Ray. Because the truck has been sitting in storage for awhile, Gary told me he wanted some time to get it back into roadworthy shape. I asked about the lettering on the doors, and he said it was vinyl, but he assured me that they wanted to handletter it with their original logo. These guys have the right idea, I thought to myself. So how will we get it to the museum from California? I don’t know yet, but we’ll get it here. Wouldn’t it be great if we could drive it to Cincinnati, taking an old state route like Highway 50, and promote the museum along the way? Mapquest says it’s about 2,300 miles, so, at 300 miles a day, that’d be about eight days. What an opportunity! Stay tuned. ■

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