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NEW PRODUCTS By Wade Swormstedt Send information about new products to: Product Showcase: Plastics Coil-sheet Polycarbonate Palram Americas (Kutztown, PA) provides its Palsun CS polycarbonate in coil stock; distributors and signmakers can cut the length of sheet they need, as opposed to cutting it out of an 8- or 10-ft. length, or assembling multiple pieces. Transparent Palsun includes a 10-year warranty against yellowing and loss of light transmission. Palsun in SG (Sign Grade) White is designed to provide excellent light diffusion, white color and transmission, along with hiding power for LED hot spots. The company recently installed a new production line with the ability to produce optical-grade quality in up to 104-in. widths, in flat sheets or on a roll. (610) 285-9918; Polycarbonate for Electronic Signs Bayer MaterialScience (Sheffield, MA) is offering its Makrolon LD (light-diffusing) polycarbonate sheet specifically for use with electronic signs. The product’s diffusion properties are designed to work with LED, neon and fluorescent lighting, and in shallow channel letters. It’s also designed to eliminate LED hot spots in flat and formed applications, and reduce light-intensity fluctuations (shadowing/skeletoning). Available colors are B27 white (7328), B48 white (2447), C59 Orange (2119), D96 Red (2283), D99 Red (2793), F84 Blue (2114), F85 Blue (2051), H87 Green (2108) and M72 Yellow (2037). (800) 254-1707; Two-color Polyethylene Sheet King Plastic Corp. (North Point, FL) provides King ColorCore®, a durable, two-color (A-B-A), engravable, high-density, polyethylene sheet developed specifically for signage. Available in numerous color combinations and thicknesses, the material can be routed with standard woodworking tools to reveal the contrasting inner color. The homogeneous polymer sheet is fabricated with a proprietary, continuous process called Polyfusion®. Developed for harsh outdoor and high-abuse environments, the company’s polymers are environmentally stabilized and made to last a lifetime without rotting or delaminating. (941) 493-5502; UV LED Printer Plastic Direct Color Systems (Rocky Hill, CT) offers its InkMark™ pre-coated plastic substrates with options that are especially compatible with the company’s compact, UV LED printers and inks, but can be used with any UV printer. Plastic InkMark UV substrates are available in two base plastic resins and various color combinations. DR Acrylic is suitable for exterior applications and can be laser cut, cut with rotating carbide, sawed, drilled or bent with heat. ABS Plastic can be profiled with rotating carbide bits, scored, cut with shears or bent with heat, with no predrilling required. InkMark UV substrates are available in standard sizes from 1 x 3 in. (25.4 x 76.4mm) up to 24 x 48 in. (609 x 1219mm), with custom sizes and shapes also available. The line also includes metal substrates. (860) 829-2244; 40 SIGNS OF THE TIMES / FEBRUARY 2013 /

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Signs of the Times - February 2013