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No, this isn’t a sign for a locksmith. It actually hangs above the door of a library as a reminder. The HDU material is decorated with a metallic latex paint. and offered them some price incentives, including trading for some paintings. It was all for naught. In the end, they wouldn’t budge on the logo, or the budget. You have to listen to the customer, even if they are making the wrong decision. Otherwise, you may just be wasting your time. Another lesson I had to relearn the hard way.  My preferred tools/equipment I do prefer specific tools and equipment: •  erber Dimension 200 router and a Porter Cable G 1001 hand router, plus chisels, gouges and V-parting tools, files, orbital and belt sanders •  erber Artpath software for simple carved signs and G cut out letters, Enroute 4 for the more complicated 3D projects •  aterials: 18- and 30-lb. Precision Board® HDU, M PVC, acrylic sheet and Dibond® composite material •  its: Gerber Gold Endmill, Ball Endmill and Onsrud B Endmill •  or assembling multiple pieces of HDU, I use F Coastal Enterprises’ PB Bond-240. As for finishing, I’ve typically used automotive finishes on my HDU in the past, but I’m moving in the direction of hand-applied latexes for the future. With automotive paints, I try hard to make the sign look perfect and glossy. I add one coat after another to make it more smooth or shiny, or to cover up some defect and, before you know it, there are a dozen coats with all the fumes, overspray dust and time spent that go with it. For PVC, I apply Gerber vinyl and carve through it. I will then paint or gild the carved lettering/graphics. For installation, I prefer double mounts, followed by wall-mounted and hanging signs. Typically, I fashion “L” brackets to mount panel to post. I don’t like to see fasteners, and I find this the best way to hide hardware. 64 SIGNS OF THE TIMES / FEBRUARY 2013 / I purchased a Millermatic 211 welder and intend to offer custom brackets and exposed decorative brackets/hardware in the near future. Nevertheless, things can go wrong. I’m still a newer fabricator without the best equipment. Here are some of my suggestions: •  istakes are expensive; double check everything M before pushing the start button. •  tay within earshot of your machine so you can shut S it down should things go wrong.

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Signs of the Times - February 2013
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Signs of the Times - February 2013