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We Wouldn’t Steer You Wrong Here’s the beef: The 2013 International Sign Contest By Steve Aust ST is understandably proud of its longstanding relationship with the sign industry. For 107 years, we’ve tracked technological innovations that have transformed the nature of our business, and advocated the importance of signage when many in government and activist organizations attempted to excessively regulate and diminish its vitality. We’ve taken this role very seriously. But here, in our competitions, which we’ve gladly presented since 1978, we strive to take a somewhat more lighthearted approach to our longstanding mission to educate and inspire signmakers. We appreciate the opportunity to convey what materials and equipment a shop used to produce a victorious entry, but, beyond the nuts and bolts, we strive to provide inspiration by showcasing what can be achieved through inspiration and perspiration – and, when local officials author or adapt sign codes to help economic development. Admittedly, participation was slightly down this year – we tallied 237 entries. With the earlier deadline (normally, we stop collection in December; for this edition, we stipulated a November deadline), which followed shortly after Superstorm Sandy, participation from East Coast shops dropped. Many signmakers also referenced the lack of “compelling” work following several years of economic malaise. Hopefully, as the wheels of recovery began to gain traction in 2012, with many rosier prognostications, more projects will arise that designers and fabrications deem worthy of inclusion next year. To evaluate this year’s contest pool, we contacted our friends at Cima Network, a Chalfont, PA-based firm that executes sign-design and installation projects. Bill Lockett, Cima’s owner, recruited Keith Denny, his co-owner and senior designer; technical-design director Butch Zawislak; and Cima’s director of environmental branding, Ken Olschewske. Jim Klauder, the general manager of K & S Signs 66 SIGNS OF THE TIMES / APRIL 2013 / in nearby Colmar (a shop Cima frequently hires to fabricate its projects), rounded out the quartet of judges. Like laws and sausage, most would likely prefer not to witness the contest’s selection process. However, after a decade of supervising our competitions, I’ve come to appreciate judging-day machinations. Strong opinions often direct

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Signs of the Times - April 2013
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Signs of the Times - April 2013