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Commercial Freestanding Signs FIRST PLACE Fabricator Gary Johnson Great American Sign Co. Basking Ridge, NJ (908) 630-9120 Designer Gary Johnson Client Bedminster Community Garden Perhaps you’ve seen this sign before. It also earned the top honor in last year’s United States Sign Council competition, which was featured in our December issue (see page 64). Also, Johnson wrote about his shop and techniques for ST’s February issue (see page 62). He designed the sign for a community garden. Johnson said local officials loved the concept, but could only afford one-third of his initial quote. His solution: “I didn’t want to compromise the sign just to stay within budget, so I called it charity and put two conditions on the deal. There would be no deadlines, and the sign would be fabricated as I saw fit, with no further reviews.” The result attests that the signs were well worth the wait. After having designed the sign using SA Intl.’s EnRoute® 5 3-D software, he routed the sign on his Gerber Dimension 200 CNC router using 30-lb. PrecisionBoard® HDU. The body copy entails a white, acrylic panel that’s painted black and V-carved. Johnson shaped the lawyer from scrap Precision Board as a base before topping it with Abracadabra sculpting epoxy. He also shaped the surrounding garden with the epoxy before handpainting it with Sherwin-Williams latex coatings. 82 SIGNS OF THE TIMES / APRIL 2013 / SECOND PLACE Fabricator Sawatzky’s Imagination Corp. Chilliwack, BC, Canada (604) 823-2216 Designer Dan Sawatzky Client Lark Rise Horse House Sawatzky, whose unconventional, fanciful designs have earned him several contest awards, developed this sign for the owners of an event facility, who wished to emphasize Lark Rise’s rolling hills and picturesque views. He created the design files with SA Intl.’s EnRoute 5 3-D software. Using his four-axis MultiCam 3000 CNC router, Sawatzky fashioned the rustic sign from Coastal Enterprises’ 30-lb. PrecisionBoard HDU, and secured it over a welded-steel frame. The horse’s head, the bottom post section and the sign were fabricated as separate pieces and bonded together with Coastal Enterprises’ PB-Bond 240 glue. Sawatzky primed the panels with FSC-88WB, Coastal Enterprises’ water-based primer, and handpainted the sign with an array of custom-mixed glazes created with Modern Masters acrylic paint, and adorned the letters with 23k goldleaf.

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Signs of the Times - April 2013
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Signs of the Times - April 2013