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SECOND PLACE Fabricator Eyecandy Signs Inc. Halifax, NS, Canada (902) 429-8281 Designer Katie Sexton Overdog Design Halifax (902) 802-2207 Client J & R Grimsmo Jessy Lacourciere and Rachel Grant carefully considered how their sign would brand their store, which they describe on their Facebook page as “a ladies’ boutique that’s professional, cool and relaxed, with a hint of nostalgic style.” Eyecandy built the sign from several layers of PrecisionBoard® HDU, which were stacked and bonded together with Gorilla Glue to create the 6-in.-thick signface. Sexton designed the sign, and eyecandy roughed out the body on a ShopSabre 4814 CNC router. Matthews acrylic polyurethane bedecks the signface, and eyecandy’s Adam Broome embellished the face with 23k goldleaf. THIRD PLACE Fabricator Blackout Signs San Marcos, TX (512) 738-6715 Designer Jay Gordon Blackout Sign Client Blue Bacon Toys This Wimberley, TX boutique toy store presumably porked up its bottom line with a quite suet-able sign. At his shop (or, as Gordon refers to it, “the 8 acres”), Gordon and Shay Miller welded the aluminum components together with Miller Weldmaster equipment, and sculpted the pig’s face and letters from Precision Board HDU. The metal parts were decorated with House of Kolor Kandy urethane enamels, and Blackout coated the urethane with Coastal Enterprises’ FSC-88 WB water-based primer. SIGNS OF THE TIMES / APRIL 2013 / 89

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Signs of the Times - April 2013
ST Update
Cut Your Ink Costs
Technology Update
Vinyl Apps
Strictly Electric
LED Update
Software Update
Technology Review
Technology Review
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The 2013 International Sign Contest
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The ISA Sign Expo 2013 Preview
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Signs of the Times - April 2013