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NEW PRODUCTS By Darek Johnson Send information about new products to: Product Showcase: Laser Cutter/Engravers Kern Lasers HSE Line Kern Lasers’ (Wadena, MN) large-format, HSE laser cutter-engravers feature moving gantries and work areas that range from 52 x 25 in. to 80 x 120 in. Standard table height is 36 in. The machines feature a CO2-based, flying-optics beam (the cutting laser moves on both the X- and Y-axis, which speeds processing times), precision-motion systems, highspeed servomotors, a downdraft-vacuum system, plus head-chilling (on all systems of 100 W or more) and a computer and monitor with operational software. The HSE series engraves at speeds up to 150 in. per second, with 5G acceleration. Kern, operational since 1982, says its recently updated X-axis gantry and communications system eases operation and maintenance tasks. (218) 631-2755; Vytek’s L-Star 450 Series Cutter/Engravers Vytek (Fitchburg, MA) features its L-Star line of largeformat, laser-cutting and engraving machines with numerous options, sizes and laser powers. For signmakers, Vytek recommends its L-Star 450 series, high-performance, laser-engraver in 4 x 4-, 4 x 8- and 6 x 10-ft. sizes. Each machine will cut up to 1-in.-thick acrylic, and a metalcutting option will cut 0.1875-in.-thick steel. The systems feature an integrated lift table; an AC servo-drive system; and precision-ground, helical, rack-and-pinion drives. Other features are 32-bit, motion electronics; a beamalignment kit; air-assist plumbing; a handheld pendant; and an optic cleaning and maintenance kit. A live Z-axis is optional. Vytek has manufactured laser technologies since 1989; it offers laser machines from 35 to 3000W. (866) 701-5678; Universal Laser VLS6.60 Cutter/Engraver Universal Laser Systems’ (Scottsdale, AZ) VLS6.60 cutting-engraving laser features a 37 x 23 x 9-in. engraving area, a Rapid Reconfiguration™ laseralignment system and a Laser Interface+™ print driver. Recommended for signshops, the VLS6.60 also features High Power Density Focusing Optics™ and 1-Touch Laser Photo™ software that converts photographic images for laser engraving. Further, you can select from six laser-cartridge options (10-60 W), five lens sizes and other machine-enhancing options. Universal says its interchangeablecomponent laser platforms are field upgradeable. The firm began building laser devices in 1988. (800) 859-7033; 42 SIGNS OF THE TIMES / JUNE 2013 / Trotec’s Speedy 400 Laser Engraver Trotec Laser Inc.’s (Canton, MI) Speedy 400 laser-engraving machine features a 39 x 24-in., multi-functional table, with a work-piece height of 12 in., that allows quick changes between jobs on most standard material sizes. The Speedy 400 can be equipped with a CO2 or fiber laser, or both systems. Its Trotec IPC™ (intelligent-path control) system controls and improves module speed and acceleration. Other standard features include an air-assist system (which enhances the cut quality and protects the laser lens), InPack Technology (to protect your machine from dirt and debris), JobControl software and bi-directional communication between it and the PC. (866) 226-8505;

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Signs of the Times - June 2013