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The Great ’Scapes Inwindow Outdoor decorates 1,500 malls, and windows and other surfaces galore. By Wade Swormstedt AtInternet was the 21 Century, the turn of the booming, and dot. st com had become the new buzzword. Within two years, it crashed, and entrepreneur Steve Birnhak decided his business-school degree was better suited to something a bit lower-tech. As he walked along 3rd St. in NYC, a window display for GI Joe action figures caught his eye. “I wondered why there was a display, but no toy store,” Birnhak recalled. “Turns out, it was the Toy Building, home to many toy companies, one of which was Hasbro. It sparked an idea. There are vacant storefronts with empty windows all over the country that can be used for marketing all sorts of products.” Soon after, he founded Inwindow 62 SIGNS OF THE TIMES / JUNE 2013 / Outdoor in his apartment, later moved it to a shared office on Houston St. (the dividing line for SoHo), and he now resides right on NYC’s Broadway. Posters hanging in vacant retail spaces emerged as his first product, with an inaugural campaign for ESPN. Birnhak refers to all of his output as “billboards,” so clearly they’re perceived as pure “advertising”

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Signs of the Times - June 2013
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Signs of the Times - June 2013