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STRICTLY COMMERCIAL Adam Brown is president of Sign Effectz (Milwaukee). By Adam Brown Their Cup Runneth Over Sign Effectz fabricates a supersized coffee-cup sign for a Milwaukee café. Ourrelationshipenjoyed a yearsshop has long with Stone Creek Coffee, an independent, Milwaukeebased coffee roaster, retailer and café operator. They’re terrific clients; they seek creative signage that often moves outside of standardissue projects, and they keep things interesting and fun. Stone Creek’s owners, Eric and Melissa Resch, developed the concept for an outsized coffee cup that would be installed atop a chimney stack on its three-story headquarters on 5th St., near Highway 794 in downtown Milwaukee. They contacted us to determine whether constructing it would be possible. Working with their engineer, we went though the process of conceptualizing a coffee cup that spans 10 ft. from the cup’s edge to the handle’s tip. After having created several CAD renderings and mock-ups, we determined a cup this size would weigh 300-500 lbs. With this in mind, the engineer analyzed the chimney’s sturdiness. He decided, with several structural modifications, it would work atop the chimney. Sign Effectz (Milwaukee) fabricated this sculptural sign for Stone Creek Coffee’s downtown café and production location. Problem solving We started the process by creating a 3-D model with TurboCAD software. Based on prior knowledge of past sculptural signage, we determined the body should be an After several TurboCAD renderings and mock-ups, the shop determined the chimney atop which the cup would sit could support a 300-500-lb. cup. To proportion the cup evenly, they built 1/8-in.-diameter, aluminum ribs that are spaced 11.25º apart across its circular span. 22 SIGNS OF THE TIMES / JULY 2013 / aluminum substructure with a fiberglass body. To reduce its weight, we built the handle with aluminum and the body with built-up layers of expanding, liquid urethane. Its composition resembles HDU, but Sign Effectz built an aluminum substructure with a fiberglass body. To reduce the cup’s weight, fabricators built layers of expanding, liquid urethane to augment the fiberglass layer.

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Signs of the Times - July 2013