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VINYL APPS By Sergio DeSoto Sergio DeSoto developed The Bad Wrap vehicle-wrap template, has served as a wrap-shop consultant, and currently owns The Dezynery, a Phoenix-based, wholesale, vehicle-wrap provider. Tame The Beast Take a hard look; is your shop under control? Many challenges that unique as face sign and wrap shops are as the people that run and work in them. However, many universal problems occur in a shop’s daily operation. Having consulted for more than 100 sign and wrap shops during the last six years, I’ve seen virtually every imaginable scenario in terms of company dynamics, management issues, production bottlenecks and cashflow problems. Whether a shop deals with millions of dollars in revenue, or is a twoperson operation, they likely encounter one common – and profitkilling – problem: disorganization. I’ve been guilty of it, too. When I opened my current shop, The Dezynery, I vowed to take control and create a high-efficiency workplace. It’s human nature to get complacent and keep doing things the same way. However, as the owner or manager of your business – or even if you’re a key production employee – you must establish new practices and demand their usage. Like most changes, it must come from the top. I recently consulted for a friend These wall wraps greet visitors at DeSoto’s shop in Phoenix. These types of graphics provide a nice welcome for prospective customers. But no amount of shop aesthetics will win back customers who are driven away by poor customer service. Take the time to review your procedures, and make sure you’re being accurate and responsive. who operates a successful West Coast wrap business. Three hours of observing his operation clearly revealed the shop was out of control, which greatly contributed to his slipping profits. Too many employees talked more than they worked; workstations and common areas were pathetically The vehicle-wrap market continues to show vibrant growth, with few signs of slowing down. Better equipment, material and tools make doing the job easier, but success stems from effective communication with customers. Make sure you understand what your customers need before beginning design. Rework and waste are profit-killers for any shop. 18 SIGNS OF THE TIMES / AUGUST 2013 / disheveled, and lots of equipment that could’ve helped him turn a profit sat idle. Only when I bluntly told him how his shop’s lackadaisical state was damaging every part of his business did he honestly reflect. Finally, he realized he was the problem, not his staff. Some areas of your business might only need fine-tuning, whereas others might require a complete overhaul. In the coming months, we’ll examine many different areas where discipline and organization could improve your shop. Here, we’ll discuss effective customer service. Look at yourself You may believe, “I’m in control of my customer service.” Well, that’s a matter of perspective. Ask yourself these questions: • Do you return every phone call in a timely manner? • Does your staff routinely communicate and discuss current or potential problems? • Are your quotes properly figured,

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Signs of the Times - August 2013
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Technology Update
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Technology Review - Esko Kongsberg XN finishing system
Technology Review - Gerber Edge seminars
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Signs of the Times - August 2013