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LED UPDATE As president of IEM LED Lighting Technologies, Dr. M. Nisa Khan consults in the solid-state lighting industry and educates consumers about LED lighting. She has a bachelor’s degree in physics and mathematics, and master’s and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering. Email her at By M. Nisa Khan, Ph. D. LEDs, Electronics and Architectural Technologies Concerned forces must develop more multi-disciplinary backgrounds. Today, manyLED-lampedand agenadvertisers cies integrate signage and displays with architectural and landscape constructs that employ ambient lighting to create modern, artistic ensembles. These displays present multiple and recurring advertisements, directive information and entertainment, coupled with audio-visual effects. Interestingly, both the display clients and the public quickly accept the new experiences and features gained from such advanced technologies. And, accordingly, retail clients have increased their demand for LED-based, sign packages – often integrated into various structures – that are commonly referred to as dynamic environmental signage. By incorporating innovative content – place recognition, wayfinding, advertisements, art, news and other information – such signage adds desirable atmospheres to a venue. Characteristically, signmakers apply LED lamps in channel letters and cabinet signs. However, the ever-expanding use of dynamicdigital signage as an information and entertainment ensemble, for applications in architectural and landscape settings, has encouraged signmakers and environment-graphic designers to see such applications in a new light. Dynamic signage encompasses arrayed, LED-lamped, electronic displays, but also audio- visual and video systems, electronicpower systems and both creative and governing software. Although not rocket science, it does require technical knowledge and skills that presently exceed the scope of everyday signmaking. However, because most electricsign companies have extensive experience in moving-message systems, the seemingly new, LEDarrayed, electronic systems aren’t a disruptive technology for such signmakers. Many electric-sign shops have strong knowledge of dynamicsignage systems and installation. Nonetheless, as with many other fields, the dynamic-signage field is rapidly expanding in acreage, China’s Grand Lisboa Casino (Macau), constructed to resemble a yellow lotus flower, employs a programmed lighting system that uses 59,000 LED pixels and several kilometers of LED-based strips to provide a gigantic video and light display that can produce more than 4.3 trillion colors. 30 SIGNS OF THE TIMES / AUGUST 2013 /

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Signs of the Times - August 2013
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Technology Update
Cloud-based signshop software
Vinyl Apps
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LED Update
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Technology Review - Esko Kongsberg XN finishing system
Technology Review - Gerber Edge seminars
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Signs of the Times - August 2013