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Standing Their Ground Monument signs remain a vital component for placemaking identity. By Steve Aust The monument-signdownturn. New beating during market took a the recent economic residential construction nearly ceased in most areas; commercialdevelopment owners went bankrupt or stopped developing and maintaining their properties, and many homeowners or tenants (formerly ideal candidates) were unable to make such an investment. However, even amidst stock-market uncertainty, the news has decidedly improved recently. According to a blog published on June 26, the U.S. Dept. of Commerce announced that appreciation in investments in residential real estate amounted for nearly 19% of economic growth during the year’s first quarter. Confidence in the housing market will lead to more housing constructions, thus more residential development – and, finally, more monument signs. Other reasons for optimism in this market include governing bodies at churches that realize the promotional 54 SIGNS OF THE TIMES / AUGUST 2013 / possibilities (and diminishing price points) of electronic displays in their monument signs. Today’s engaged congregations prefer messages about a church’s youth ministry and community-outreach programs over the traditional, changeable-message displays – often outfitted with such hackneyed messages as “Eternity: Smoking or Non Smoking?” and “Seven days without Jesus makes one weak.” Also, executives at entertainment and retail destinations understand, in the dogfight for a share of families’ (often shrinking) disposable income, successful marketing requires more than a catchy TV ad or onsite, wi-fi amenities. It demands cultivating a memorable experience that carries the visitor from beginning to end. Where does this experience start? At the “front door,” with a compelling sign. Several monument-sign manufacturers provide case studies that underline the potential role they can play in advertising success. n

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Signs of the Times - August 2013
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Signs of the Times - August 2013