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DESIGN MATTERS By Jeff Russ Jeff Russ is ST’s Sr. Art Director and a freelance designer and illustrator. At the intersection of signage and fine art (again) Artist Greg Gossel creates compelling images that merge signs, street art and fashion photography. G reg Gossel looks andsigns at differently than you I. He sees signs as puzzle pieces to be woven together into complex compositions. He sees signs as cultural hieroglyphs to be fused, combined and abstracted with other elements. Gossel, a Minneapolis, MN-based graphic designer, has always been captivated by typography and pop culture. Layering elements, such as found objects, photographs, billboard scraps and signage, allows Gossel to create a unique context for the items. The actual creation process comprises using a grid as the underlying structure. He then places found objects and street advertisements that have been torn, painted and otherwise modified onto the piece. This induces a weathered, decaying effect. Gossel says the fashion advertisements that feature “once flawless” supermodels join the billboards and other pop-culture items, all “helpless to the effects of time.” I’m reminded of recent Paris Metro station renovations that revealed layers of postings and advertisements when decades-old walls were torn down (photos of which are posted here: https:// =a.10150097602410574.393204.101 50091109350574&type=1). It just seems natural that any archeological “dig” through modernday artifacts would reveal layer after layer of advertising and signage. Gossel’s compositions seem to juxtopose current typographic and fashion trends with the discarded look of time and use. His work is even more evidence of how signs, and sign design, have crept into 50 SIGNS OF THE TIMES / SEPTEMBER 2013 / our collective consciousness and helped define the look of the modern era. The influence of signage on current art trends seem to be growing, with no indication of letting up. In that sense, maybe Gossel does look at signs exactly the way you and I do. It’s about time that the tail wags the dog for awhile! Gossel’s work has been shown in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Milan and London. ■

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Signs of the Times - September 2013
ST Update
Technology Update
Who Uses the Phone Book?
Vinyl Apps
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Lighting Techniques
The Moving Message
Technology Review - DGS 3D POP store system
Technology Review - KIP C7800 poster printer
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When the Cheering Starts
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Starting at the Bottom
LED Lamps for Box/Cabinet Signs
The Aria’s 260-ft. Pylon Sign
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Signs of the Times - September 2013