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NEW PRODUCTS By Darek Johnson Send information about new products to: Product Showcase: Magnetic Media Magnum Magnetics Magnum Magnetics (Marietta, OH) offers its flexible, Magnum® magnetic sheeting, a thermoplastic-based, permanentmagnetic product that features high-intensity, multi-pole magnetic composition. The sheeting features standard magnetization on the non-laminated side, and is available in standard rolls of 25-, 50-, 100- and 200-ft. lengths, up to 24 3/8 in. wide. The Magnum® brand sheeting is available in gloss, matte and surface-color options, plus various vinyl, paper and specialty film surfaces, for different printing processes. Magnum also offers sheet-adhesive options, custom sizes and shapes, plus die-cutting, slitting, punching and other modifications. Custom-length rolls and custom-magnetization are also available. The company also manufactures and markets flexible magnetic tape, strips and printable magnets, magnetic signs and magnetizers. (800) 258-0991; Flexmag Industries Inc. Visual Magnetics Visual Magnetics (Mendon, MA) offers its Visual Magnetics Graphic System™, which couples its Micro-Iron® technology with printed media, to create 3-D, graphic-system fixtures. The system comprises Visual Magnetics’ flexible, InvisiLock magnet roll or sheet product, which may be applied to most frame, fixture or wall surfaces and, when paired with the Surface Protect layer, can be layered on graphics or lightcolored walls without affecting the application surface. Additional components include ActiveWall® Micro-Iron wall primer and MagnaMedia® which, combined with the InvisiLock magnet product, allows the creation of instantchange, multi-layer, large-scale graphics displays. The system also features printable Micro-Iron, MagnaMedia films that can produce photo-quality graphics for multilayered graphic panels. (855) 847-6244; 52 SIGNS OF THE TIMES / SEPTEMBER 2013 / Flexmag Industries Inc. (Marietta, OH), a division of Arnold Magnetic Technologies Corp. (Rochester, NY), produces flexible magnets for use in the advertising, medical and printing industries. For vehicle signage, it offers its back-coated SafeMag™ flexible, magnetic sheeting that provides a barrier between the magnetic surface and the application surface. The magnetic properties comprise high-intensity lines of magnetic polarity, which run parallel to the edge of the sheet. The surface features magnetic poles for optimum holding power. SafeMag sheeting is available in 25-, 50-, 100-ft. or larger rolls. It’s also available in special widths and sign blanks. The company says SafeMag is weather resistant and durable; the product contains no plasticizing agents or solvents and, under normal use, will give years of service, it states. (800) 543-4426;

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Signs of the Times - September 2013
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Vinyl Apps
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The Moving Message
Technology Review - DGS 3D POP store system
Technology Review - KIP C7800 poster printer
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LED Lamps for Box/Cabinet Signs
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Signs of the Times - September 2013