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LED Lamps for Box/Cabinet Signs Each box sign comes with a different set of problems. By Darek Johnson The first illuminated, cabinet signs comprised small, cast-plate glass panes, box-framed with tin and lettered with oil-based paint. A whale-oil lamp provided illumination, and a top-side chimney cap dispersed both rain and heat. Such lanterntype signs hung outside night businesses – an inn or pub. They were not UL-certified. “C abinet sign” is a generic name for a box sign because, commonly, a cabinet sign is an extrusion– framed box that holds translucent and decorated faces. But, such a depiction also describes almost any internally illuminated box sign, which says all cabinet-sign information is related. Thus, an internally illuminated, channel letter is an oddly shaped box sign, right? So, in spirit, is the accompanying logo can. And, an extrusion-framed, doubleface, internally illuminated box sign that’s integrated into a monument sign remains, in the fabrication and lighting process, a box/cabinet sign, right? Further, the extrudedaluminum frame and faces that encompass a monument-mounted, push-through-letter sign is essentially a box/cabinet sign – as are the enclosed, chrome and frosted Plexiglas® acrylic displays one sees on jewelry-store counters, right? So, most box/cabinet sign advice, instructions, lighting components and suggested products apply to variously constructed, but similar, box/cabinet signs – right? No. 72 SIGNS OF THE TIMES / SEPTEMBER 2013 / Not really. Because, unfortunately, each has a different set of problems. Different lamp-to-face distances, different color values, different heatand moisture dispersion methods and, absolutely, different lampinstall patterns to ensure evenly distributed light. Nothing says amateur more than pinpointed, LED light behind a box signface. Nothing. Unless, of course, the install crew forgot its bubble-spirit level – or brought one that needs a new bubble. LED-lamped box signs guidelines Today, we seldom walk into an electric signshop without seeing LED-lamped cabinet signs under construction. Thankfully, most early-

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Signs of the Times - September 2013
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Technology Review - DGS 3D POP store system
Technology Review - KIP C7800 poster printer
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LED Lamps for Box/Cabinet Signs
The Aria’s 260-ft. Pylon Sign
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Signs of the Times - September 2013