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LEDs: The Omnipresent Illuminators Drive across town – any town – and see dozens of uses. By Darek Johnson On a road trip, awhile back, my wife and I stopped at a roadside cafe for coffee. Nearby, at a wide table, a Midwestern family was enjoying its Sunday breakfast. A sizeable teenage boy sat among them; he caught my attention because here, at after-church time in a Midwestern restaurant, the boy was, I thought, out of place. He was wearing an open-armpit tank top, gym shorts, shower shoes and a red ballcap, reversed, and lime green, Skullcandy headphones. Alongside him, in her white-trimmed blue dress, his grandmother chatted with two cheerful younger sisters. They wore flowered dresses. The Norman Rockwellstyled mother, father and grandfather were buttering toast, sugaring coffee and talking. The boy was oblivious to his family and the restaurant environs. He absently forked strawberry-dipped waffles into his mouth and, all the while, bobbed rhythmically to a private, earphone orchestration. The magnanimous family ignored him. Times have changed. Back in the day, any one of the table’s adults would have slapped him silly. 64 SIGNS OF THE TIMES / NOVEMBER 2013 / Private orchestrations can be aorchestrations,Like,do good thing. sure, Stephen Hawking has private as Tiger Woods, Johnny Depp or Penelope Cruz. Additionally, we’ve all seen a boatload of politicians – more lately – who capitalize on private orchestrations, so, in some cases, private orchestrations can be a good thing. Or not. Meaning, private orchestrations, sans education, research, study, thought and practice, often result in one plus zero, with the zero-based founder being the one-off one. Sign orchestrations The best-functioning signshop’s orchestration processes aren’t private – they comprise education, research, study, thought, design and practice. You can have nicely (or poorly) designed signs, but, in addition to the artistic thinking, you have applied mechanics, lighting and, today, more than ever, technology. Surely, today’s most prominent sign technology is LED based. For example, The Hartford Business News, in February, said more than 4,000 LED-lamped, electronic billboards are now installed across the U.S. Its writer,

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Signs of the Times - November 2013
ST Update
Technology Update
Vinyl Apps
Strictly Commercial
Lighting Techniques
The Moving Message
Technology Review - Caldera Flow+ 2.0 software and its Version 9.20 RIP
Technology Review - KeyedIn™ Sign Edition software
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Deep Thoughts
Temporary Vanity
LEDs: The Omnipresent Illuminators
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Signs of the Times - November 2013