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Accessible Training ISA online education for sign installers and office personnel By Bill Dundas When peopleprobably assume see sign installers at work, they specialized, formal training is required to develop the skills commonly employed in this trade. But, in reality, many of today’s sign installers still learn the ropes via on-the-job experience, exactly as I did during the 1960s, when my 25-year career as an installation contractor began. Expectedly, a key drawback to self-training is that novice field workers typically make various errors that might have been avoided with formal training. These errors not only can be costly to sign companies, but they can reflect badly on the sign industry, and discourage new employees from continuing to develop their skills. The module on wall-sign installations offers best practices for locating signs properly on various wall areas and fastening signs to specific wall materials. 68 SIGNS OF THE TIMES / NOVEMBER 2013 / Also, if a novice installer learns the trade chiefly by observing more experienced co-workers on the job, this doesn’t guarantee the supervisory employees properly learned their trade. Regardless of someone’s level of experience, if the foreman of an installation crew doesn’t employ best practices, novice workers virtually can’t receive proper training. When work procedures are informal, anyone can claim to be a best-practices authority. Such training via the grapevine can foster various, mistaken assumptions as workers exchange information. In April 2012, the need to define and promote best installation practices spurred the ISA Engineering Subcommittee to begin developing a comprehensive, online training program. The committee comprises experienced sign professionals and professional sign engineers, a group uniquely qualified for this task. In addition to providing a valuable head start for new or inexperienced

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Signs of the Times - November 2013
ST Update
Technology Update
Vinyl Apps
Strictly Commercial
Lighting Techniques
The Moving Message
Technology Review - Caldera Flow+ 2.0 software and its Version 9.20 RIP
Technology Review - KeyedIn™ Sign Edition software
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Deep Thoughts
Temporary Vanity
LEDs: The Omnipresent Illuminators
Accessible Training
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Signs of the Times - November 2013