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TECHNOLOGY REVIEW By Chris and Kathi Morrison Chris and Kathi Morrison own and operate The Image Specialists, a full-service graphics company based in Clements, CA. Chris is also a Microsoft-certified systems engineer. Universal Laser System's ILS9.75 and ILS12.75 Platform Lasers Read this if you work with - or want to work with - multiple materials. Due to their ability to cut,physical engrave and mark without applying force to the actual material, laser systems are an effective, dimensional-signage production tool for signmakers; thus, if you work with - or want to work with - multiple materials (metal, glass, wood, fabric, leather, plastic, rubber, stone and more), a laser system might be your technology solution. Universal's ILS12.75, its largest (48 x 24 x 12 in.) and most versatile laser-manufacturing platform, handles numerous applications - prototype production to automated manufacturing. In addition to its large, material-processing envelope, a pass-through feature allows you to open both side doors and process unlimited-length materials. This feature also allows machine integration into an automated assembly line. The ILS12.75 accepts Universal's dual-laser system and, depending upon your cartridge choice, has a power range of 10 to 150W. In addition, the ILS, CO2 laser-system platforms can be converted between CDRH Class 1 and CDRH Class 4. Further, to increase machine productivity, all Universal platforms comprise interchangeable components and such options as Rapid Reconfiguration™; Dual Laser Configuration and SuperSpeed™. The smaller, but similar, ILS9.75 platform (36 x 24 x 12 in.) incorp- Key Information Universal Laser Systems, Inc. 7845 E. Paradise Ln. Scottsdale, AZ 85260 (480) 483-1214 Contact: Christine Jeffries, communications (480) 483-1214, X225 orates the pass-through doors and other ILS12.75 features. The Laser Interface+™ feature, a materials-based print driver, allows Specifications: Universal Laser ILS9.75 and ILS12.75 Work Surface Area 48 x 24 in. and 36 x 24 in. Laser Technology 10.6 µ CO2 laser, minimum wattage 10W Maximum Wattage 150W (with dual laser, 75W configuration) Camera Registration Universal UCR, gantry-mount Control System Automatic or manual Photo-image Conversion 1-Touch Laser Photo™ software 34 SIGNS OF THE TIMES / DECEMBER 2013 / you to select auto or manual control over power, speed, pulse rate and more. The Universal control-panel software provides control over the entire process - file manipulation, file movement (around the engraving field) and job duplication. You also have access to a job-time-estimate control. A gantry-mounted, UCR camera automatically locates registration marks and registers the laser on defined cut paths. If you are looking for a machine that can cut, engrave or mark numerous materials, we suggest you examine the ILS Platform Series Laser System. For starters, ULS suggests such applications as letter cutouts, award plaques, woodwork, prototype, package models, rubber stamps and ADA signs. In addition, you may choose different table types, air assist (with optic protection), a rotary fixture and other alternatives. ■

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Signs of the Times - December 2013
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Technology Update
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Strictly Electric
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Technology Review - Universal Laser’s ILS9.75 and ILS12.75 platform lasers
Technology Review - CET Color’s 500K X-Press flatbed, UV-cure printer
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The First Neon Sign in America
The USSC Design Awards
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Signs of the Times - December 2013