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The M o v i ng Me ssag e Wade Swormstedt is the publisher/editor of Signs of the Times magazine, celebrating his 30th year on staff. B y Wa d e S w o r m s t e d t Canadian Casino Study Documents Dynamic Digital Signage's Impact Responses to food promotions and "calls to action" noticeably increase. The following synopsis is taken from a 23-page report entitled "Understanding the effect of digital signage on sales and promotions." Much of the following is published nearly verbatim. The beginning abstract states: "This paper summarizes the results of a joint project conducted by Intel, Research Strategy Group, Ontario Lottery and Gaming, Capital Networks and EdCom. The project was conducted between August and December 2012. The goal was to understand the effects of digital signage on non-gaming sales and offers in a casino environment. "The project was set up using an experimental design to compare venues with digital signage to venues with static signage to venues with no signage over three time periods. "The results allow us to estimate the effect of digital signage at the casino venues in three areas: free giveaways, restaurant menu-item sales and sign-ups for a loyalty program. The Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA) data provided by the Intel Audience Impression Metrics (AIM) Suite help to understand the impact of the digital signage in relation to static signage and no signage, and to draw important insights about the optimal location and content design for digital screens." O verall, the results confirmed that digital signage has a notable impact on food-purchase decisions, Table 1: Static and Dynamic Digital Signs Brantford Thousand Islands Sault Ste. Marie (dynamic digital sign) (dynamic digital sign) (static sign) Average Number of Impressions per Day 299 342 54 Average Number of Patrons per Day 3740 2200 1725 8% 16% 3% Ratio of Impressions to Number of Patrons Table 2: The Impact of Message Location such as those pertinent to free giveaways and restaurant items. However, on the more complex decision-making required for signing up to a loyalty program, it was difficult to detect a measurable response from the results of this study. The study involved four casinos in Ontario: Brantford Casino, Thousand Islands Casino, Sault Ste. Marie Casino and Thunder Bay Casino. Each has similar gaming features. Dynamic-digital-signage screens were installed at the first two casinos. The third casino received a static sign. Thunder Bay had no added signage and served as the control site. Each digital screen contained three ads in a continuous loop: * Food and beverage restaurant items * A responsible-gaming promotion * A Winner's Circle Rewards (WCR) loyalty program On the static sign, the same three ads were shown side by side. The AIM Suite technology was installed at the three "signed" casinos in order to collect Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA) data at each. The control site had no ads at all. The three phases each involved two, one-week durations to assess audience interaction. For all three Brantford Phase 1 Number of Impressions Number of Tote Bags Given Away % of Total Impressions Brantford Phase 2 Brantford Phase 3 Thousand Islands Phase 1 Thousand Islands Phase 2 Thousand Islands Phase 3 3876 2838 5862 5463 4464 4454 23 19 328 35 29 282 0.6% 0.7% 5.6% 0.6% 0.6% 6.3% 36 SIGNS OF THE TIMES January 2014

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Signs of the Times - January 2014
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Large-Format Design Strategies
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Technology Review - Agfa’s Jeti Titan X
Technology Review - Polytype’s NQ32 UV hybrid printer
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Signs of the Times - January 2014