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S T U P D AT E By Steve Aust Letters and Legacies Steve Aust is ST's Senior Associate Editor. A member of its editorial staff since 2000, his work emphasizes vinyl graphics, architectural and environmental graphics, and 3-D signage. My father died in 2011, at age 88. I inherited a box of his files and papers. Inside, I found some old books that turned out to be the diaries of my great-grandfather, Allan W. Harting Jr., from more than a century ago. I never met him, but I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know him through his writing. Through reading his diaries, I learned that he was an avid ST reader. In 1911, he'd been promoted to foreman at C.H. Buck and Co. in Boston. Here's a diary entry from May 10, 1911: "Very busy - Mr. Duff did not go to the bank today. Will get check cashed tomorrow. Home in evening. Sent $1 to 'Signs of the Times' for subscription." And, another writing from January 31, 1912: "Lots of snow; just a little work today. Home in evening. Married Grace two years ago tonight. She and I celebrated very quietly at home tonight. Bed at 11:30. Sent $3 to Fred Arnold to run it to 'Signs of the Times' for renewal of my subscription and copy of Atkinson's [Art of Sign Painting] sign book" In 1916, he returned to his native Wilmington, DE and rejoined the family signshop, Harting Sign Co., which Allan Sr. founded in the 1870s. The shop remained in business until shortly before my father's death. I earn my living as a medical writer. However, I try to honor my family's signmaking legacy. I've volunteered to refurbish a weather-beaten welcome sign at my family's church in Downingtown, PA. I plan to dedicate it to my Harting forefathers when I reattach it to the building this spring, in time for Father's Day. It's been a pleasure sharing these discoveries with you. - Donald M. Harting, MA (Downingtown, PA) Correction The PVI Solar (Kingston, NY) solar-powered lighting system featured in the February issue's New Products section (see page 48) may be used to illuminate any sign size or configuration. According to the company, "Each sign requires a review of the variables at the location of the sign (such as latitude, direction, integration options, operation parameters, etc.).  ST apologizes for the error. 8 SIGNS OF THE TIMES April 2014

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Signs of the Times - April 2014
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Signs of the Times - April 2014