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St r ictly C o m m e rci al By Francis Lestingi Francis Lestingi is the proprietor of Signs of Gold (Williamsville, NY). The Finial Touch Important accents for post-mounted-sign installation T he final piece of our "trilogy" about installing post-mounted signs is, of course, the finial. Having illustrated how we prepare, detail and install posts (see ST, May 2012, page 24, and May 2013, page 24), we're ready to explain these signature accents. Although I've handcarved, molded and cast finials for special occasions, the finial we customarily use is the stately urn, made of Spanish cedar and lathed in New England. We believe this finial provides a dignified, imposing complement to our detailed posts and elegant, handcarved and gilded substrates. Your local, home-improvement store might have finials, but, invariably, they'll be low-quality pine not suitable for exterior use. When prepared properly, cedar finials prove very durable in all exterior conditions. In addition to the finial, we also use a cedar "cap" to cover the top of the post and complement it. Before coating and decorating the finial caps, we must soften all sharp edges. A sharp, 90ยบ edge won't hold paint for very long, so we first ease Francis Lestingi, proprietor of Signs of Gold (Williamsville, NY), fabricates 3-D, wood signage for churches, commercial and residential developments, and business storefronts. Custom finials add a dash of classic elegance to these signs. This column describes the finial-production process. the edges with 60-grit sandpaper. We follow this initial, aggressive grit with a milder, 120-grit abrasive. The softening of right-angle edges I handcarved the finials on the extreme left and right, and I created the castings in the center from molds made from the original carvings. 24 SIGNS OF THE TIMES May 2014 pertains to any substrate: wood, HDU or plastic. To attach the finial to the cap, we first determine the cap's top The high-quality, signature finials and caps are fabricated from Spanish cedar and carved in New England.

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Signs of the Times - May 2014