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V in y l A pp s Wade Swormstedt is the publisher/editor of Signs of the Times magazine, celebrating his 31st year on staff. B y Wa d e S w o r m s t e d t Real Change for Real Change Surf City Graphics wraps charitable parking meters. O n August 13, 2014, the city of Pasadena, CA and the Flintridge Center, a Pasadena entity that battles poverty and violence in the community, combined forces to initiate the Real Change Movement, a mechanism for soliciting donations at parking meters to build homes for the homeless. Surf City Graphics (Huntington Beach, CA) wrapped that first parking meter and eight more, and placed floor graphics below them or wall graphics beside them to encourage people to make credit-card or cash donations via the parking meters. Surf City Graphics owner Michael Dmytrow said five more meters are pending, which means they're awaiting $1,500 sponsorships. Dmytrow said the Flintridge Center and Saeshe (Los Angeles), a branding company, found Surf City Graphics through Google and Yelp Search. Saeshe and Pasadena's Art Center College of Design 20 SIGNS OF THE TIMES October 2015 created the artwork. Students worked on the project for eight months, and one faculty participant described the process as a "psychological study" designed to see what could motivate people to act. Thus, the students' initial task was to try to determine how this could be accomplished. For example, they decided to call it a "movement" in order to make it more than a one-time occurrence. Additionally, while a campaign to help the homeless might include stark, black-and-white images to accentuate their plight, the movement's website states "Using only bright colors, the class created a campaign that could pass for a hip fashion brand. This was based on the idea that people in Pasadena look for the latest trend, at what's exciting, and what is cool. The campaign, with its bold, vibrant visuals, is one the class felt people would look at, and pay attention to." Surf City Graphics first became involved in January 2014 with the R&D for the project. After the college completed its designs, Surf City Graphics used Abode Illustrator software to create the pre-press artwork. Surf City Graphics used its Roland Pro II printer/ cutter to print on the 3M IJ180C V3 vinyl, protected with 3M's 8518 gloss lamination, for the floor/wall wraps and parking meters. Surf City Graphics utilized

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