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APRIL 2016 Vo lu m e 238, N u m b e r 4 F E AT U R E S 74 Not Just Blowing Smoke About the cover: This complex composition, which identifies IX Nubes Vape Lounge, a Gatlinburg, TN e-cigarette retailer, features a series of HDU gears and sprockets crafted with a combination of CNC routing, saws and various power and carving tools. Sculpting putty provides texture to rusted pipes and rivet heads. LEDs illuminate various elements. Copper tubing and firehose funnel vapor to the train whistle, and gauges and meters liberated from antique machinery add to its theme. For more information, see p. 96. 26 by Steve Aust A vape-lounge sign claims the Best of Show prize. 100 The 4th Annual Readers' Choice Survey by Steve Aust A meaty subject 102 ISA Sign Expo 2016 - What Not to Miss by Sarah Whitman From events to exhibits, ISA has new things in store. The 2016 International Sign Contest p.74 Connect with ST! * On Facebook, we're "Signs of the Times Magazine." * Follow @STSignMag on Twitter. * On LinkedIn, we are Signs of the Times Forum. 36 74

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Signs of the Times - April 2016