Signs of the Times - April 2016 - 87

Synergy Sign & Graphics
Strasburg, OH
(330) 878-7646
Jason Bair
James Dawson
All American Outdoors
Who says eye-catching signs for hunting- and fishing-supply stores belong only
to big chains like Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's? Synergy Sign & Graphics made
sure this Strasburg small business could compete with the behemoths. The
13-ft.-tall sign's main panel and deer mount were routed from Coastal Enterprises
PrecisionBoard® 30-lb. HDU, with Coastal Enterprises TSF-45 applied to create
texture lifelike enough to fool a taxidermist. Synergy cast the antlers in place with
Smooth-On epoxy casting resin. Inside the core, a 1 x 1-in., MIG-welded steel
frame supports the sign. The HDU letters were carved from PrecisionBoard and
glued into place after the background was painted and glazed. Z-clip mounting
hardware secures the head to the sign board. The base was filled with 6 cu. yds.
of concrete, and rebar was welded into the base and footings. After the concrete
base cured, the posts and base were painted and glazed.

House of Signs
Frisco, CO
(970) 668-5232
Periandros Damoulis
Roger Cox
Lynn and Glenn Amstutz
Evidently, on Silverthorne, CO's Bear Wallow Way, keeping up with the Joneses
extends to differentiating your house from the neighbors with a signature, rustic
sign. Damoulis and Cox designed the sign with a portfolio of Gerber Omega,
CorelDRAW and Vectric Aspire, and, given the detail on the backside, attended to
far more detail than the "bear" necessities. House of Signs CNC-routed the main
panel and its 3-D elements from Duna Corafoam HDU using its Gerber Sabre 408
CNC router and Makita power tools, and decked out routed, 3-D HDU letters and
numerals with 23K goldleaf. Plate aluminum, ┬╝-in.-thick, comprised the sign's
frame, and acrylic pants and glazes create the faux-finish and texture. To keep the
sign stout through Colorado winters, House of Signs installed it over 8- and 10-in.thick wood timbers, with textured-HDU post caps to enhance their appearance.

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