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Sof t w a r e U p d a te By Theresa Jackson Designing with Colors, Part 2 How to use your smart phone to capture local color. Consider viewing distance when choosing colors. Bold contrasting colors are easier to see from a distance, so reserve such colors for the parts of your design that need to stand out. Pure white can be distracting, especially in a very colorful design. I suggest you use white for the subjects you want the viewer to see first; however, if less distraction is the goal, consider using light gray instead of white. I n my April "Designing with Colors" column (see page 40), I explained how to gain inspiration from inside the Adobe Illustrator application, or online by accessing and Continuing with this color-inspiration theme, I am reporting here on Adobe Capture, my personal favorite color device. I'm also including pro tips for working colors in Adobe Illustrator. Capture colors Your immediate surroundings can be rich with color inspiration. Did you know you could capture these colors with a mobile smart device and make them immediately available to work with in your Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) applications? For example, you might find color inspiration in a printed brochure, greeting card, photograph or the scenery around you, and then use the Adobe Capture mobile app on your Android, iPad or iPhone to photograph (capture) those colors. Once photographed, Adobe Capture converts the colors to color swatches, which then become available for use in your Adobe CC applications. More about Adobe CC Libraries Adobe Capture saves color-themed swatch groups to CC Libraries via a Creative Cloud account. You access the captured colors from the Library panel that resides within the Adobe desktop Photoshop and Adobe Capture converts capture colors to color swatches. 36 SIGNS OF THE TIMES June 2016 Theresa Jackson operates Orchard View Color (Escondido, CA) and has more than 20 years' experience in prepress, graphic design, color management and photography. Email her at theresa@ Illustrator apps. Also, you can access Library color themes through such Adobe Mobile apps as Sketch, Draw and Comp. Best yet, you can share color libraries with other Creative Cloud members for project collaboration. Adobe-sponsored Pfeiffer Consulting tests have proved that the Adobe Libraries produce productivity gains up to 10 times more than in typical workflow. Other benefits include adding established color groups or themes to CC libraries for access in other Adobe applications. Consider using Adobe-Illustrator-created swatches in Photoshop designs by way of Libraries. Or, create your own client libraries with customer approved brand colors for quick access on future projects. Illustrator pro tip: Recolor artwork Quickly recolor existing artwork and create multiple color versions of your design with Illustrator's Recolor Artwork panel (Edit > Edit Colors > Recolor Artwork). However, Recolor Artwork requires following specific guidelines: a) Select the art before entering the Recolor Artwork panel; b) Only color groups that exist in the Swatches Panel are available (not single swatches and color themes from CC Libraries); c) Be sure to add Library color themes to the document Swatches panel before editing art with Recolor Artwork (my preference is to remove all the unused default swatches before adding any Library color themes); d) Instantly recolor art by selecting a Color Group on the right side of the panel. All of the art's selected colors will remap to the colors in the color group, including fills and strokes. Color tint values are also retained. Converting color to Pantone The Color Guide Panel allows you to covert a color to a Pantone swatch by first selecting a color for conversion (the color chip in the upper left corner of the panel represents the selected color). Following this, click on the icon in the lower left of the Color Guide panel to find the Pantone Color Library (nested under Color Books). With this option switched to Pantone, Adobe creates harmony colors for the nearest Pantone colors. Double clicking a harmony color swatch from the Color Guide panel will add it to the document Swatches panel. Take time to study these brief lessons on Adobe workflow practices - they allow you to expand your Adobe tool use and save time in the process. n

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