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Te c hno lo g y R e v i ew By Chris and Kathi Morrison The Summa F Series F2630 Flatbed Cutter/Router Easy to operate, versatile and upgradable, with many safety features V inyl cutters, a predictable staple in most shops, are often seen as conventional machines, like toasters and electric coffee pots. However, few observers appreciate how vinylcutting (x, y and z) technology has progressed into the more contemporary flatbed finishing machines that, today, easily meet the cutting needs of digital-print, electric and custom signshops. Summa, an established innovator in such cutting technology, has long offered its 63 x 47.2-in. F1612 flatbed cutter, but to meet growing demands, it now offers its 104.3 x 120.1-in. Summa F Series F2630 flatbed cutter that will handle most common media sizes or cut multiple images from large-sized media. Be sure to note that its options list includes a routing head. The F2630, with a gantry-mounted tool clearance of 1.9 in., features a zoned vacuum table, a mediaclamp system that applies downward pressure to materials as it advances, and an optional conveyer belt that allows processing panels up to 164 ft. long. Further, the table can handle a load of 10.2 lb./ and features tool-placement repeatability of +/- 0.05mm, with accuracy rated at 0.05% of move, or 0.05mm (whichever is greater). Cutting speed is 39.4 in./sec., acceleration is 1G. The F2630's multifunctional head allows adjacent loading of three tool-system modules and its auto tool selection system lessens operator intervention (a singlescrew fastener allows quick and secure change outs). Summa's Axis Control touch- Specifications: Summa F2630 Flatbed Cutter Cutting Area 104.3 x 120.1 in., option for 164 ft. multi-panel system Max. Media Width 106.3 in. Cutting Speed Up to 39.4 in./sec. Tool to Media Clearance 1.9 in. Max. Table Load 10.2 lb./sq. ft. Connectivity USB 38 SIGNS OF THE TIMES June 2016 Chris and Kathi Morrison own and operate The Image Specialists, a full-service graphics company based in Clements, CA. Chris is also a Microsoftcertified systems engineer. Key Information Summa Inc. 10001 Lake City Way, NE Seattle, WA 98125 (800) 527-7778 Contact: Royce Owen, director of marketing (800) 527-7778 screen interface or its wireless, handheld controller provides full control over the table. For job preparation and workflow, Summa offers its front-end application software - SummaFlex and SummaFlex Pro. The Pro version duplicates the standard version, but adds support for Summa's optical camera system that assures contour cutting accuracy." The standard table configuration comprises a drag knife that is suitable for cutting printed and standard vinyl. For precision or traffic-sign type work, add the tangential-knife module that can exert a down force up to 26 lb. Other options include a kiss-cut tool; a single- or dual-edge knife; a creasing tool and a 1 kW router module that will route such sign materials as hard foam, aluminum coated foam boards, acrylics, woods and plastics. For safety, the F2630 has a typical, easy-to-see stop button, but even better are the several laser-beam safety towers that, during operation, form a laser fence around the machine. Break the beam and the machine stops. Summa's flatbed cutters are easy to operate, versatile, upgradable and, as noted, have loads of safety features. Truth is, Summa knows cutting. If you're looking for a large-format flatbed cutter, take time to study the F2630. n

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Signs of the Times - June 2016