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Shop O ps Dale Salamacha is co-owner of Media1/Wrap This! (Longwood, FL). By Dale Salamacha Truly, We Say (Part One) He's got the whole world in his sign. W hen a longstanding client, Truly Nolen Termite & Pest Control, called my Media1 (M1) partner, Damon Coppola, to arrange a meeting to discuss their latest signage project, he wasn't quite expecting to return with an extraordinarily creative request. The global pest-control company had just acquired a two-story building adjacent to I-4, a 132-mile highway that connects Daytona Beach to Tampa Bay while cutting through Orlando. It's near upscale shopping malls, downtown Orlando and Universal Studios, and was simply begging for a custom sign that would amplify Truly Nolen's visibility. A pair of competing pest-control companies flank the new Truly Nolen facility - both of which feature unique 3-D signs that M1 built. With Florida's hot, humid weather, and the many-legged critters who thrive in it, pest control means big business here. The competition drives these companies to invest in vehicle wraps for their massive fleets, as well as prominent storefront graphics to stand out against their competition. As such, pestcontrol companies remain one of the biggest sectors of our business. Truly's story At 60 years of age, and with only $500 to his name, Truly Wheatfield Nolen founded his pest-control company way back in 1938 in Miami Beach, FL. Starting a new business as America recovered from the depths of the Depression must have seemed daunting, but the company grew post-World War II thanks to large fumigation jobs. His son, Truly David Nolen, followed in his father's footsteps and opened his first location in 1955 in Tucson, AZ. Today, the company remains based in Tucson and boasts locations throughout the US and 59 countries globally; the company surpassed $100 million in sales in 2012. Their now worldfamous signature "Mouse Cars" Media1 designed, fabricated and installed a landmark sign for Truly Nolen's (a global pest-control company) new training facility near Orlando. The customer has a history of investing in memorable environmental graphics and ordered a stately sign that reflects its status. 42 SIGNS OF THE TIMES June 2016 (small cars, usually VW Beetles), still sport bright yellow graphics, giant ears, a tail and whiskers. Obviously, they're not afraid to authorize edgy advertising. This new building is slated to serve as Truly Nolen's International Training Center and will host instructional events for franchisees worldwide. A conventional pylon sign wouldn't suffice. Truly Nolen representatives shared their design concept with Damon: a 30-ft.-tall, single-pole pylon sign that features their famous mouse logos on both sides, an outer "orbit ring" of secondary text and, to demonstrate their worldwide reach, the Earth's globe as a central focal point. Engineering plans David Nicks, M1's technical designer, embarked upon transforming the client's vision into something we could build. When he'd finished, the plan included an 8-ft.-diameter globe that's surrounded by a 12-ft.-diameter outer "orbit ring" that contains secondary text, as well as equator and primemeridian rings that would engulf the globe and support two 5 x 10-ft. mouse logos on either side. We consulted with Brett Sauers of San Diego-based Sullaway Engineering to perform the engineering calculations for this beast. Signs in central Florida require a 130-mph wind-load rating. We knew the foundation footers for a sign this would be massive, but we were surprised by the size - 11 x 11 x 6 ft., with 35 cu. yds. of concrete needed to fill it. We obtained the permit without any major objections - our 15 pages of calculations provided ample documentation, and we sailed through the permitting process in two weeks. We were ready to build.

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