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Undertaking Monumental Tasks A look at traditional (and new-school) monument signage By Steve Aust photos by John Bartelstone T hey're the beacon that invites motorists to countless subdivisions, churches, corporate complexes and other entities that require a (typically) horizontal, masonrybased sign. On many roadways, a towering entry statement would be overkill - and against code, over budget or simply less legible to the viewer. Often, the conventional, masonrymounted monument sign simply provides the most appropriate solution. A drive through Kentucky's horse-farm country roughly 100 miles south of our offices affirms that some historic, elegant venues require classic, traditional solutions. 72 SIGNS OF THE TIMES June 2016 However, monument signs can also reflect shifting creative tastes. If signage remains entirely within commonly accepted definitions, and the industry placidly accepts restrictive regulations on size and placement, the market won't evolve, and those outside the industry are more likely to perceive signs as functional commodities worth no more than a perfunctory investment. The three projects highlighted hereafter embody monument signs' diverse realm - whether traditional, trendy or tremendous, they educate, direct and brand beautifully. Elevating Your Station Built in 1933, Philadelphia's 30th St. Station serves as a central-city, multi-modal transportation hub. Amtrak owns the facility, but it also serves as a hub for several local and regional rail and bus lines, as well as a taxi and rentalcar venue. However, as with many heavy-traffic public facilities, the station began to show its age and required a functional and aesthetic makeover befitting a facility that's listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Amtrak commissioned NYCbased Calori + Vanden-Eynden (C+VE) to develop a station-wide

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Signs of the Times - June 2016