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T e c h nology Upd at e 1997 taught a precise lesson in economic contagions because it raised fears of - and almost caused - a worldwide economic meltdown during the period of July 1997-May 1999. Most notable is how fast the meltdown spread. online presents a timeline of the crisis that, in part, said, "A global financial meltdown had been ignited. In 1998, Russia and Brazil saw their economies enter a free-fall, and international stock markets, from New York to Tokyo, hit record lows as investors' confidence was shaken by the volatility and unpredictability in the world's financial markets." It's interesting to note that the Asian event was preceded by the US banking crisis of 1882 and followed by Great Recession of 2008, all of which should remind us to take both a national and world view when considering future trends. Any analysis must also consider the present and possibly impending political economic and leadership moves. For example, a July 1 New York Times report said currencies have dropped in Argentina, Indonesia, Mexico and Turkey and that those countries' stock markets have fallen with resultant business losses and layoffs. The Times didn't mention that Venezuela's economy has crashed. And, just to get a further idea of turmoils that affect economies, consider in the wars of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Boko Haram; plus the Turkish/Kurdish civil war, the Somali civil war, the Libyan and Yemeni crisis, and the conflicts Sinai, Sudan, Kashmir, Myanmar, Thailand, Israel - ISIS - and several dozen more conflicts around the globe. Laitman (above) said Americans have become indifferent to what is happening around them, but this isn't always true. Many of us reflect on how world events might affect us, but it's equally true that many persons cannot sense an approaching storm until the sky darkens. Try not to be in that group. n Why You Should Invest in a Color-Measurement Device By Dean Derhak Dean Derhak is a product director at SAi with 19 years in RIP software, management, marketing, sales and engineering technologies. Dean visits signshops and large-format print businesses to learn what processes they've employed to increase their profits. Here, Dean discusses the most common benefits of owning a color-measurement device. Reach Dean at S ignshops that struggle the most with inkjet color reproduction are often those lacking a colormeasurement system. Even though they may seem expensive, such devices as X-Rite's i1 Pro2-series color-calibration and profiling systems provide key advantages to shops that learn how to use them efficiently. For example, with appropriate RIP software and a color-measurement device, you can easily recalibrate the print processes for specific media or conditions. Such a system also eases color matching to previous jobs, and eliminates costly color tweaks needed to please a customer. Matching custom spot colors is also easier. Most RIP software includes a spot-color measurement tool that allows you to measure the exact color from a print of a customer logo sample. If your shop is producing costly test prints or file tweaking to match customer colors, having color-measurement capability is worth the cost. You can also re-calibrate your inkjet printer(s), which is necessary because seasonal changes in humidity and temperature affect a printer's dot gain. 16 SIGNS OF THE TIMES August 2016 In addition, dot-gain differs on each media type and, as well, changes with different media coatings. Also, general machine wear-and-tear can cause machine colors to drift. Thus, both routine and special-use calibration are necessary. Owning a color-measurement device has competitive advantages, especially if you use it to make ICC media profiles. If your RIP software includes profilemaking functionality, you only need the colormeasurement device. The good news is that even xRite's lower-cost i1 Basic Pro2 device can do such work. Taking control of the color processes also allows you to adopt new media types and print applications quickly. Also, profiling your media empowers your shop to satisfy and grow their business with color-critical customers. It can also help reduce ink consumption. Alongside the appropriate RIP software tools, a color-measurement device is a profitable consideration for sign shops wanting to take their color capabilities to the next level - it can also help your shop be more competitive and save time and money.

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Signs of the Times - August 2016