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new p r o d uc t s Screenmaking System for Water-Based and Discharge Inks Kiwo (www. says it now offers an economical, three-component screenmaking system that saves time and money and maximizes performance Kiwo and workflow. Kiwocol 300 WR is a high-solids emulsion that’s formulated for water resistance, quick buildup, and support for high-resolution printing. Blockout WR is a water-resistant blockout used to touch up pinholes and block out screens. According to Kiwo, using Blockout WR helps to get screens into production faster by eliminating the need to use emulsion for touching up screens—a process that requires an additional round of exposure. Hardener WR is a stencil-hardening fluid that’s designed to enhance a stencil’s water resistance. Kiwo says stencils made with Hardener WR remain completely reclaimable. says can accommodate two regular-size T-shirts across the conveyor belt. The dryer has an infrared/convection drying system that can cure up to 400-500 shirts/hr. Users can add 3 ft (0.9 m) of in-feed or out-feed with an optional extension that facilitates loading and unloading during peak periods. Powerhouse 5208 features a flash phase-cure booster that’s engineered to speed production by raising garment and ink temperatures more quickly. In addition, heated air recovery draws preheated air from beneath the dryer’s belt and returns it to the oven area. Other features include adjustable oven doors, a removable oven hood, and four-point belt tracking. Bulk-Ink Adapter Mutoh America’s ( 4-l ink-pack adapter that accommodates four 1000-ml Eco-Ultra ink bags (CMYK). The Eco-Ultra ink bags are compatible with the ValueJet 1324, 1624, and 1638 printers. According to Mutoh, adapter users will see an increased cost savings in just a few uses, with up to a 27% savings, depending on cartridge size. Mutoh also notes that minimal material use and increased capacity of the 1-l bags, compared to smaller cartridges, means less materials used and, as a result, a more environmentally friendly working environment. Digital Add-On for Screen Presses Wide-Format UV Inkjet Printer EFi EFI ( calls its VUTEk HS100 a high-speed digital imaging system that represents a true replacement for analog equipment with the productivity of screen printing and image quality that approached offset. The 10.5-ft (3.2-printer features EFI’s Pin & Cure imaging technology, driven by the Orion OS platform, which is engineered to deliver precise ink lay-down for critical color accuracy and consistency, gloss control, and an increased color gamut. The VUTEk HS100 Pro supports print speeds up to 100 boards/hr and comes with true grayscale printhead technology and up to eight colors, including white and special colors. Kornit Garment Dryer Workhorse ( bills its new Powerhouse 5208 as a great solution for a manual garment-printing shop that wants to add an automatic or a second manual press to the production floor. The garment dryer is 8 ft (2.4 m) long and 52 in. (1321 mm) wide, a size that Workhorse 6 screenprinting Kornit ( recently introduced the Paradigm Printer, a digital add-on solution for manual and automatic carousel screen presses. According to Kornit, Paradigm is capable of handling a large variety of textile applications, variable data, four-color process, spot combinations, and more. The unit is equipped with Spectra Polaris printheads. It uses pigmented solvent or water-based ink, supports a maximum image size of 16 x 20 in. (406 x 508 mm), and images at resolutions up to 630 dpi. Compatible substrates include cotton, cotton-polyester blends, lycra, viscose, silk, leather, denim, and more. Paradigm can also be operated as a standalone digital printer for short runs.

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Screen Printing - August/September 2012
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Screen Printing - August/September 2012