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TRIP NOTES A Totally Cool Vacation Wondering the best way to travel with your teen? Try an escorted vacation A BY AMY S. ECKERT • ILLUSTRATION BY DAN SIPPLE whining teen can quickly ruin a family vacation. For a dramafree trip, your best bet could be a small-group tour. Here’s why. Let Teens Take Charge Adolescents are more invested when they’re involved with the decision-making. Have them help in researching the optional excursions available on potential tours (such as an evening flashlight hike through a national forest) before contacting your AAA Travel Specialist. That way, they can feel they have a voice in planning. Declaring Independence On an escorted tour with multiple excursion options, your mature teenager may want to go zip-lining while you opt to see a butterfly preserve. Not only will your teens enjoy shared experiences with others in the group without your watchful presence, they’ll meet interesting people from the destinations, as our travel partners often arrange encounters with locals from all walks of life. Unscheduled Time School, sports and work schedules can leave teens exhausted, so on vacation, they may want some down time. Many escorted vacation itineraries include free days, during which teens can sleep in or hang out while parents explore a museum or relax over a second cup of coffee. Focus on Fun An escorted tour allows parents to turn the vacation planning over to the experts. That means less stress before and during the trip, and more time devoted simply to having fun with your teen and building memories. Isn’t that what vacations are all about? Amy S. Eckert is a Michigan-based travel writer who has contributed to Hemispheres and USA Today. Looking for a tour teens will love? Call your AAA Travel Specialist for ideas on guided vacations the whole family will enjoy. TRAVELER WINTER 2013 29

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AAA Traveler - Winter 2013
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AAA Traveler - Winter 2013