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all in a day London BY leSlie WOit londoners love recommending favorite places you might not find in your guidebook. ArcelorMittal Orbit This new 115-meter-high sculpture is london’s largest-ever piece of public art, an anish Kapoor and cecil Balmond-designed tribute to the 2012 london olympics. Dukes Bar in St. James Savor a true James Bond moment over a dry martini in Dukes Bar, where Bond author Sir ian fleming wrote the line “shaken, not stirred.” Camden Markets With over 1,000 shops and stalls open every day but Dec. 25, you can find the perfect unexpected souvenir and (why not?) a pair of Wellingtons. Houses of Parliament Take in Big Ben and the neo-Gothic glory of the Houses of Parliament from the south side of Westminster Bridge (across the Thames). Nightly Art Crawl lesley Woit lives in both london, england, and ontario, canada. Which city would you like us to highlight? Send your destination idea to us at 32 Visit your local aaa office Call 1-800-750-5386 CliCk imaGe: GeTTy various london museums and galleries stay open late one night of the week. Wander The National Gallery or the Tate, attend a film or workshop or sip wine. http://www.AAA.COM/TRAVEL

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of AAA Traveler - Winter 2013

AAA Traveler - Winter 2013
Table of Contents
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Alaska Inside & Out
Your Own Private Island
Hail to the Brits
A Family Affair
Italy Four Ways
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A World of Enchantment
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AAA Traveler - Winter 2013