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ask the experts You like traveling independently, and exploring Europe on your own sounds appealing. But what if you could do your own thing but still join some local guided tours or skip the line at certain sites with prebooked reservations? AAA Travel Specialist Liz K. Price in the Summerville, S.C., office explains how you can have the best of both worlds. Members ask, AAA answers. This month: How to travel in Europe! On our next vacation in Europe, we’d like to travel on our own rather than take a guided tour. Can you organize a vacation for people like us? We can create a customized trip that incorporates individualized travel and lodging to fit your budget and time constraints. First, we’ll talk about where you’d like to go and what you want to do once you get there. Let’s say the Vatican is a must-see for you. We’ll make sure we schedule a guided tour so you don’t end up waiting in line all day and miss out on getting in. Is it possible to travel independently but also join some guided and group activities? Absolutely! When we plan an independent vacation, we suggest many tours and activities. We can make special arrangements to tailor your vacation to your interests. Then we put it all together like a puzzle. So if the best way to get you from one place to the next is by combining plane and train travel, we build that into the itinerary. Or we may use two or three different hotel or tour suppliers so you don’t have to compromise. travel with peace of mind. call 1-800-750-5386 or visit your local aaa office to speak with a aaa Travel specialist. To find the office nearest you, visit 8 Visit your local aaa office Call 1-800-750-5386 CliCk image: reese allen What other things can you help me with that I might not be able to take care of on my own? First, we help you avoid pitfalls that could spoil your trip. We also ensure that you maximize the time you spend sightseeing and doing things you enjoy rather than dealing with logistics or missed opportunities. And if your schedule changes unexpectedly, we can make alternate arrangements to help prevent the delay from affecting the rest of your trip. Plus, by working with our preferred suppliers, we help you save on high-quality travel. And once you’re home, we’re still available to help. If you file a travel insurance claim, for instance, our job isn’t complete until it’s been resolved—even after your return. http://www.AAA.COM/TRAVEL

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AAA Traveler - Winter 2013
Table of Contents
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Hail to the Brits
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AAA Traveler - Winter 2013