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DEPARTURES A Time to Connect As another year comes to an end, I always seem to find myself in reflection. Having just returned from Portugal with a group of friends, I thought about how differently the year would have ended if I had decided not to take this trip, because I did ponder whether or not it was the right time to go, as I'm pretty sure we all did. It takes a lot more than just planning to go away - there's schedules, work, recent world events, family considerations - and for me, all of this change is constant and consistent. But one thing this year has taught me more than ever is that time is precious, life is precious, and all we are guaranteed is today. While in Lisbon, our group decided to meet at Pastéis De Belém for custard pastels and cappuccino. Custard pastels are a type of pastry and can be found all over Portugal, but these were the best I've ever tasted, and during our visit we learned why. In 1820, when the liberal revolution shut down all convents and monasteries in Portugal, the clergy offered pastries for sale out of sheer survival. By 1837, the "secret" recipe from the monastery was passed to the master confectioners, and to this day, only three people have access to the unchanged recipe. We were tasting tradition. And in one sweet bite, I was reminded that with all the change in the world, many good things will always stay the same. In this issue, our Croatia feature on page 12 will take you to places deep in tradition, while "Lavish in Las Vegas" on page 28 will take you inside a city embracing constant change. For those of us who love to cruise, this issue is packed full with destinations to take you sailing into the sunset. Our "Sail like a Royal" feature on page 18 shows you how the Uniworld experience is nothing short of regal. And our Holland America feature on page 23 will rejuvenate your "Mind, Body and Soul." Yours in travel, Sarah Henshall Vice President, Travel & Branch Operations 2 VISIT YOUR LOCAL AAA OFFICE CALL 1-800-750-5386 CLICK AAA.COM/TRAVEL IMAGE: KELLI BOLLING If you have dreams to travel, don't wait for more time, a different schedule, or a change to come. Sink your teeth into life now and find the best pastries in Portugal. http://www.AAA.COM/TRAVEL

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AAA Traveler - Winter 2016
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AAA Traveler - Winter 2016