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Lavish In las vegas The "sin city" image is so yesterday; today's Vegas is all about lf Your BY SUZANNE BOPP there's one place whose very name evokes excess, surely that place is Las Vegas, where being the biggest, the best, or the most is a goal in itself. So when serious indulgence is on your agenda - and the fulfillment of every dream - Las Vegas might be the perfect destination. Adopt the city's "spare no expense" philosophy and go all in on luxury. 28 VISIT YOUR LOCAL AAA OFFICE luxurious to-do list luxury. You might not associate Las Vegas with the beach, but you can start doing so now. At Mandalay Bay, you'll find a beach playground covering 11 acres, complete with 2,700 tons of real sand to sink your toes into and a 1.6-million-gallon wave pool. If renting a private cabana won't do, you and your friends can have a private party and rent the entire beach - including a volleyball court and even a putting green. Partiers can get an open bar, a massage area, a cigar hostess and a "Dive In Movie" or live band. Another aquatic adventure, one that appears on many bucket lists, is swimming with dolphins; in Vegas, you can go one more step with them, by helping train them. Zip on a wetsuit and get in the water to interact with CALL 1-800-750-5386 CLICK AAA.COM/TRAVEL http://www.AAA.COM/TRAVEL

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AAA Traveler - Winter 2016
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AAA Traveler - Winter 2016