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Vol. 2, No. 12 | December 2010 ® High Acuity & Critical Care Nurses Make Their Optimal Contribution Sledding-Related Injuries 12 PAGE Implement Medication Reconciliation 5 PAGE A Tribute to Keith Harrell 19 Predicting Critical Illness PAGE What Employers Pay for Certification 15 PAGE 7 PAGE 6 PAGE Smoking: No Level Is Safe New AJCC, CCN Websites 19 PAGE

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Bold Voices - December 2010

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Another Angle
AACN Boards and Contact Information
Keith Harrell: A Super Fantastic Friend
Better Working Conditions at Magnet Hospitals?
Critical Illness Prediction Scores
Guidelines Offer Advice for CAH Patients
More, Varied Fruits and Veggies May Reduce Lung Cancer Risk
Vena Cava Filters May Fracture, Fragment
Robotics, Safer for Vascular Surger
Caution Patients About Sledding-Related Injuries
Childhood Adversity May Shorten Adult Life Span
Identity and Treat Dysphagia Early to Reduce Mortality, Costs
Specialty Certification Linked to Workplace Empowerment
Insulin Resistance Associated with Risk of Alzheimer's
Let's Talk About Sex, and Diabetes
In Our Journals
New AJCC, CCN Website Features Add Value to Online Experience
Join the Network
From the President

Bold Voices - December 2010