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FROM THE PRESIDENT Kristine Peterson our uniqueness as a nurse offers so much to cherish. Your unparalleled combination of science, skill and caring allows you to move without effort between the ordinary and the extraordinary. Let’s face it: you’re a tough act to beat. A central line is inserted. Who is vigilant for the patient’s response before, during and after the procedure? Who holds his trembling hand under the drape to signal that he’s not alone? Who translates and interprets for his fearful family? An older woman has surgery. Who makes sure she’s strong enough to go home and understands what to watch for? Who ensures that fi nal medication reconciliation before she leaves the hospital? A new critical care nurse works his first night shift. Who coaches him from the tele-ICU in the care of a complex patient? Who helps him recognize the patient’s new medication is incompatible with one already prescribed? If you haven’t already been the nurse in each of those situations, someday you probably will be. That’s when you’ll stand tall as you recognize that yours isn’t a job. It’s a calling to a distinguished profession that forges an indispensable link between health and care. You’ll stand tall because you became a nurse to make a difference through your vital contribution to patients, their families and your community. You’ll stand tall because you recognize that you represent all of nursing whenever you do something as a nurse. And you acknowledge your obligation to protect nurses’ contribution and personally be the best you can be. You’ll stand tall because you recognize that you won’t succeed when you go it alone. I believe that’s where AACN, your professional community, comes in. AACN’s community is where high acuity and critical care nurses accomplish together what individuals can’t accomplish alone. It’s where nurses from across the country contribute wisdom and expert knowledge to develop standards, resources and tools for providing excellent care and continuing professional development. AACN’s community is where evidence guides you to change the standard of clinical practice and create a healthy work environment. It’s where you become part of something bigger than yourself because partnership and collaboration allow you to speak about big issues with a bold voice. In AACN’s community you hang out with the best of the best, who tap you on the shoulder and invite you to experience new opportunities. It’s where you burst with personal pride in your profession as you compare “done” lists, which should replace to do lists and remind us at the end of a shift that we always accomplish more than we leave undone. In short, AACN’s community is where you come to celebrate the ordinary and extraordinary contributions made every day of your professional life. I stand tall and applaud you as we begin a new year of unexpected opportunities. Y Without It You’re a Yawn Cherish forever what makes you unique, ’cuz you’re really a yawn if it goes! — Bette Midler 22 JANUARY 2011

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EOL Care Rises for Heart Failure Patients on Medicare
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Bold Voices - January 2011