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Without It You’re a Yawn small, eighty-five-yearold woman comes in to the ER with pneumonia. We are busy, and she clearly needs to be admitted, so I spend only a little time with her before sending her upstairs. “It’s all very well to be old if you’re healthy,” she says suddenly, as I am about to walk away. “Yes,” I agree. “But if you’re all falling apart, like I have been the last ten, fifteen years … what’s the point?” She shakes her head in disgust. She seems to be talking more to herself than me. “You don’t look like you’re all falling apart,” I say soothingly, trying to comfort her. She shakes her head, dismissing this. “Unfortunately, it’s not that you have much choice,” she goes on. “I keep telling my daughter: what’s this all about? What am I still doing here? “And she says, ‘God isn’t ready for you yet. He hasn’t got your room fixed up. He hasn’t called you and you’re going to have to wait until he does.” “I see,” I say, smiling to her. A nurse walking by overheard the exchange and grins at me. I shrug and smile back. “Housekeeping can get pretty backed up up there,” I murmur as we walk down the hallway. “All those whites to keep clean.” “If it’s such a problem here, why not there, too?” she answers. “‘On earth as it is in heaven—’” The old woman sits on a stretcher in the hallway for an hour, waiting for a room to be ready on the ward upstairs. Source: Transue, ER. On Call. New York: St. Martin’s Press; 2004. A Your uniqueness as a nurse offers so much to cherish. Your unparalleled combination of science, skill and caring allows you to move without effort between the ordinary and the extraordinary. Let’s face it: you’re a tough act to beat. You stand tall because you recognize that you won’t succeed when you go it alone. That’s where your AACN community comes in. Read more in my note on page 22. Kristine Peterson AACN President Another Angle Cherish forever what makes you unique, ’cuz you’re really a yawn if it goes! — Bette Midler AACN BOLD VOICES JANUARY 2011 3

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New HHS-CCSC Awards Recognize HAI Reductions
Zero Tolerance for Preventable Incidents Involves Non-Surgical Specialties
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Facebook Asthma?
EOL Care Rises for Heart Failure Patients on Medicare
More Patient, Family Contact Needed in EOL Care
Chronic Lung Disease of Prematurity Increases Respiratory Risk in Day Care
Childhood Obesity Linked to Viral Infections
Pharmaceutical Safety at Home
DTaP, Tdap: What's in a Name?
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STOP-BANG Helps Identify Surgical Patients at Risk
Fewer Blood Transfusions Can Improve Patient Safety, Reduce Costs
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Bold Voices - January 2011