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AT THE BEDSIDE Facebook Asthma? A case in November’s The Lancet “indicates that Facebook, and social networks in general, could be a new source of psychological stress, representing a triggering factor for exacerbations in depressed asthmatic individuals.” “Facebook: A New Trigger for Asthma?” looked at an 18-year-old male “for whom Facebook use seemed to trigger asthma exacerbations.” Although he controlled his sympSocial networks could be a new toms by inhaling 250 source of psychological stress. mg of corticosteroids twice a day and taking 10 mg of montelukast once a day, year-round except in the summer, his symptoms worsened in the months “preceding presentation to us, and he had had to take relief medications several times, including in summer.” The subject’s mother learned that his girlfriend had broken up with him, leaving him in a depressive state. The girl had erased him from her list of Facebook friends, while “friending” many new young men. The case adds, “With a new nickname on Facebook, our patient succeeded in becoming her friend once again and fi nally in seeing her picture on her Facebook profi le. The sight of this seemed to induce dyspnoea, which happened repeatedly on the patient accessing her profi le.” Psychological stress is recognized as a cause of asthma attacks. In depressed asthmatic individuals, parasympathetic or sympathetic dysregulation, with a vagal prevalence, has been noted as a consequence of a stress-inducing situation, it adds. In collaboration with a psychiatrist, the patient resigned not to log in to Facebook any longer and the asthma attacks stopped. Go Digital: Help to Keep Low Rates for Member Dues AACN members can choose to receive only digital editions of their monthly magazine, AACN Bold Voices, and bimonthly journals, American Journal of Critical Care (AJCC) and Critical Care Nurse (CCN). Paper, printing and postage rates continue to climb, while advertising revenue hasn’t rebounded in the continuing sluggish economy. Choose digital-only to help AACN use resources effectively and keep member dues at the same remarkably low rates. Visit Check “Yes, I’d like to go with digital!” for each publication and “Submit” to opt out of receiving one, two or all three publications in the mail. Digital editions — delivered before the print versions arrive — are also accessible via mobile devices, such as BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad and Kindle. You can download and save current and past issues and search, bookmark, share and print what you want, so you can still hold the content in your hands. An added bonus: Digital editions offer access to content available only via embedded Web links and on the and websites. Looking for Stand Tall theme art? Visit /standtall to download graphics that help you stand tall for optimum patient and family care in a visual way. AACN BOLD VOICES JANUARY 2011 9

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EOL Care Rises for Heart Failure Patients on Medicare
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Bold Voices - January 2011