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Vol. 4, No. 1 | January 2012 ® High Acuity & Critical Care Nurses Make Their Optimal Contribution PAGE 5 6 9 PAGE PAGE Get Ready for NTI 2012 Registration 11 $15.4 Billion Septicemia Price Tag PAGE PAGE Top-Performing Hospitals Include Beacon Awardees Nurses & Junior Doctors Differ on Teamwork Four New AACN Practice Alerts PAGE 12 Need More Care PAGE 14Survivors Sepsis: More Disaster Role 17 Red Cross Expands Nurses’

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Bold Voices - January 2012

Front/Digital Edition Viewing Guide
Another Angle
AACN Boards and Contact Information
Get Ready to Register for 2012 NTI
The Joint Commission Recognizes Top-Performing Hospitals
CCSC Issues Blueprint for Critical Care Research
AHRQ-Ad Council Campaign Takes Aim at Patient-Clinician Communication
Macy Foundation Report Calls for Sweeping Graduate Medical Education Reforms
Nurses Earn More Despite Recession
Finding 'Golden Hours' for Sepsis Treatment
AACN Issues Four New Evidence-Based Practice Alerts
Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections
Patients with Sepsis: More Likely Survival, Additional Care Required
Apply for an AACN Scholarship
In Our Journals
Red Cross Removes Practice Barriers to Nurses' Role During Disasters
Certified Nurses Day is March 19
New CMC, CSC Test Plans Now Online
Getting to NTI
From the President

Bold Voices - January 2012