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So Much Together We can do so much together. More to the point, we are doing so much together! And we’re relentless in doing it stronger and bolder. Read more in my note on page 30. Mary Stahl AACN President Y ou’ve heard of the midlife crisis. Maybe you’ve had one or thought you did. Despite this stereotype, people between forty and sixty years of age appear to be quite a happy bunch. … people in midlife today have a greater sense of their own physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, according to Orville Brim, director of a ten-year, $9.5 million MacArthur Foundation research project. What are the ingredients for this bliss? Evidence suggests that a good relationship with a life mate, satisfaction with one’s children, and security at work all play a part. … Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. — Helen Keller Another Angle What you may be more aware of at midlife is not so much a crisis, but rather that your approach to life is different. This new attitude makes midlife an attractive time to engineer some type of career change or development. You may have a better idea of what fulfills you, and because you may also have fewer responsibilities, you can pursue exciting challenges. What you will almost certainly find as you search for a richer experience or environment is that people around you may feel threatened, which can keep them from being supportive of your attempts at fashioning a new career and life plan. You should try to develop a support group of people who are making changes similar to yours. … You need support in these times, and if those around you cannot provide it, then you need to create supportive associations elsewhere. Source: Chope, Robert C. Dancing Naked. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger Publications; 2000; 88. AACN BOLD VOICES MAY 2012 3

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