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FROM THE PRESIDENT So Much Together Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. — Helen Keller e can do so much together. More to the point, we are doing so much together! And we do it relentlessly with boldness and strength. I revisited my columns and your letters during the past year, inspired by how much we’ve learned from each other. Here are some highlights. Our colleagues from Joplin, Mo. awed us with vivid stories of heroism and true collaboration during a natural disaster. While I traveled around the country I noticed similarities when you told me how efficiently your teams perform during emergencies. Communication becomes focused and direct while we put our interpersonal “stuff” on hold. Emergencies seem to bring out the best in each of us. Shared goals and commitment shine through. Doesn’t it make you wonder why we haven’t mastered how to apply this in our daily work? During the fall we made music together when I likened healthcare teams to musical ensembles. This moved Cherese Brooks, who had a musical background before becoming a nurse, to describe how a code team performs a symphony just like an orchestra does, “and its music is seamless when everyone contributes to a wonderful outcome, even when the patient does not survive.” Leslie Collins wrote in gratitude for the evidence-based interdisciplinary care that, after Collins’s sister-in-law received CPR from her daughter, implemented a hypothermia protocol that supported complete recovery and hospital discharge within a week. Were you inspired, like I was, by heightened awareness of the richness that comes from working together, blending our skills and perspectives to create something bigger than each of us could create alone? We took on tougher topics as winter approached. The need for intentional diversity struck a chord when I suggested we ought to embrace conflict. This prompted AACN board member Clareen Wiencek to write about how she navigates her new role of nurse manager. After establishing initial trust, her team moved into giving feedback and managing conflict or divergent views. Have you discovered that robust discussions and dynamic meetings help you achieve stronger and bolder outcomes? I suggested we start the New Year by focusing on what works, encouraged by the discovery that more things work than are broken. Little did I know how well this advice would prepare us for the dialogue that would follow. The new AACN Practice Alert™ about family visitation in the ICU generated passionate response from our community. A lively and lengthy conversation at confirmed many of our colleagues wholeheartedly embrace families as members of the healthcare team. Others are skeptical or completely disagree. Throughout, our community has revealed itself as respectful, energized and focused about sharing concerns and exploring solutions. As I write this last column — next month I’ll recap my opening SuperSession keynote from NTI — I’m reassured to see the dialogue about family presence and visitation continues. Page 29 of this issue has more letters, and the topic moves to center stage on Tuesday, May 22, when past president Dorrie Fontaine moderates a broadcast-style panel at NTI. AACN is indeed a community of exceptional nurses that accomplishes so much together withboldness and strength. As we prepare to embrace a new theme, I’d love to know what you learned from Together. Stronger. Bolder. Drop me a note at W Mary Stahl 30 MAY 2012

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Bold Voices - May 2012