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NTI 2013 Dares To, Then Steps Forward NTI 11 M ay’s 2013 National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition in Boston challenged and renewed more than 7,400 nurse attendees. • Their week began with a rousing celebration of recognition awards and stories about daring inspired by the past year’s AACN theme, Dare To. • Participants reconnected with old friends and met new ones, many of them through NTI Network, the new social networking platform. • The week culminated in the unveiling of Step Forward as the new year’s theme, setting the stage for 2014 when, from May 17-22, the mile-high city of Denver welcomes NTI for the first time. Galvanized around the 20122013 theme — Dare To — the AACN community responded enthusiastically to President Kathryn Roberts’ challenge with remarkable personal achievements. Becoming certified, completing an academic degree, competing in athletic events and facing life-threatening illness are among the many dares taken on during the year. You’ll find more NTI stories and photos at or at

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We Welcome New, Thank Off-going National Board Members
Managers Note Less Professionalism Among Nurses
Joint Commission: Alarm Fatigue Can Be Deadly
Many Nurses Subject to Workplace Violence
Sharps Injuries Continue to Pose Work Hazard
Medicare Commission Explores Pay Inequality for APRNs
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Can iPads Disrupt Function of Implanted Heart Devices?
Copper Surfaces Can Cut in Half the Risk of HAI
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Boston Eds Ready for Emergencies, Some Airlines Unprepared
AACN Scholarships Support Your Future
Visionary Leaders Recognized at NTI
Step Forward

Bold Voices - July 2013