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AACN AACN Scholarships Support Your Future evidence-based practice and leadership development to personal growth and communications. Then read the “Information and Instructions for Scholarship Applicants” and before you start to write your application. Apply for a continuing professional development scholarship online, and please email if you have any questions. Your AACN community supports your commitment to continuing professional development. See at the wide range of learning possibilities AACN scholarships support. AACN members receive outstanding benefits — including award-winning journals, unlimited free continuing nursing education hours, and discounts on products and services. Continuing professional development scholarships further enhance the value of membership in the world’s largest specialty nursing organization. Whether you seek learning from a national or local program, AACN scholarships support you in expanding your knowledge and skills to develop your career. When you apply for a scholarship you’ll develop a personalized learning plan that links your knowledge gaps with the proposed activity. Your plan will demonstrate how the activity will help you achieve your learning goals, and how you’ll specifically apply your new knowledge to your practice. Start your learning journey by visiting scholarships, where you’ll see the many opportunities AACN scholarships have supported. They range from health policy, Transitions Events in the lives of members and friends in the AACN community. Please visit transitions for more information about each one. Send new entries to Honor or remember your colleagues with a gift to AACN at Lianna Ansryan, award • Trish Batsell, award • Umkembia (Kim) Gardner, promotion • Brenda McCulloch, award • Patricia O’Malley, award • Kathryn Roberts, award • Pat Rowland, award • Mary Lou Sole, award • Pamela Klauer Triolo, publication • Mary Woo, presentation 20 Shattering the Silence in Halifax C ritical care nurses from Canada, the U.S. and abroad gather Sept. 20-24 in Halifax, N.S., daring one another to shatter the silence surrounding nurses’ pivotal role in the care of patients and families. This year’s Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses’ (CACCN’s) conference showcases how we can and should become model advocates for those who entrust their most precious possession — their life — to our care. Award-winning American journalist Suzanne Gordon, a familiar face to Canadian nurses and past speaker at AACN’s National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition, keynotes the conference. “Beyond the Checklist: What Else Health Care Can Learn from Aviation Teamwork and Safety,” the latest book by Gordon and her colleagues provocatively navigates the turbulent waters of patient safety. AACN immediate past president Kathryn Roberts will facilitate an interactive session based on AACN’s Dare To theme. With AACN senior director Ramón Lavandero, Roberts will facilitate a second session based on evidence from the Silent Treatment, AACN’s collaborative study about the dangers of silence among critical care and perioperative nurses. This year marks CACCN’s 30th anniversary. Our colleagues to the north, whose organization shares a common past with an AACN chapter in Canada, will celebrate their proud accomplishments and the vision of the founding leaders whose dream of a united and strong national voice for critical care nursing in Canada became a reality in 1983.

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Another Angle
We Welcome New, Thank Off-going National Board Members
Managers Note Less Professionalism Among Nurses
Joint Commission: Alarm Fatigue Can Be Deadly
Many Nurses Subject to Workplace Violence
Sharps Injuries Continue to Pose Work Hazard
Medicare Commission Explores Pay Inequality for APRNs
NTI 2013 in Photos
Can iPads Disrupt Function of Implanted Heart Devices?
Copper Surfaces Can Cut in Half the Risk of HAI
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Boston Eds Ready for Emergencies, Some Airlines Unprepared
AACN Scholarships Support Your Future
Visionary Leaders Recognized at NTI
Step Forward

Bold Voices - July 2013