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Nurse Positions at AACN Fewer NP Practice Restrictions Practice Alert: Pain Assessment Stroke Outcomes Vary by Race, Ethnicity Urinalysis as CAUTI Screen Are You Going to Denver? Pages 6, 19 Page 8 Page 11 Page 17 Page 18 Page 20 Vol. 5, No. 10 | OCTOBER 2013 ® High Acuity & Critical Care Nurses Make Their Optimal Contribution

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Bold Voices - October 2013

It’s the “I” Word
AACN Offers Scholarships to Attend Nurse in Washington Internship
Innovative Research Projects Improve Practice at the Bedside
Adult CCRN Certification Review Course
Prepare for CMC, CSC Certification. Or Deepen Your Cardiac Knowledge and Skills.
Better Patient Assessment Prevents PCA Adverse Events
Grooming Healthcare’s New Leaders
Fewer Practice Restrictions = More NPs as Primary Care Providers
How Healthcare Workers Incorrectly Use Hospital Gloves
Tapping the Full Skills of APRNs
Recognizing ‘Bridging’ Behavior May Minimize Prescription Medication Abuse
Practice Alert/1
Practice Alert/2
Practice Alert/3
Practice Alert/4
Heart Failure: Carvedilol Better Than Metoprolol for Some Patients
Vitamin Drip Fad Concerns Health Officials
CDC Issues Advisory on Acetyl Fentanyl
Healthcare Access a Problem Even for Insured
Don’t Pooh-Pooh This Common Danger
Stroke Outcomes Vary by Race, Ethnicity
In Our Journals
Urinalysis a Valid Screen for CAUTI in Trauma Patients
Certification Capsules
AACN, AAMI and Others Partner to Offer Free Alarm Management Webinar Series
Let’s Get Together in Denver
‘I Am a Critical Care Nurse’
President’s Note

Bold Voices - October 2013