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2016 Distinguished Research Lecturer Health Policy Scholarships From AACN Benefits of Eating Chocolate Death of White Blood Cells Filmed Emotional Support for Nurses Understanding PCCN Certification Page 5 Page 6 Page 9 Page 12 Page 16 Page 21 Vol. 7, No. 9 | SEPTEMBER 2015 ® High Acuity & Critical Care Nurses Make Their Optimal Contribution

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Bold Voices - September 2015

Another Angle
Pres Note Front Teaser
Chlan Honored as 2016 Distinguished Research Lecturer
Innovative Research Projects Improve Bedside Practice
Participate in Nurse in Washington Internship With AACN Scholarship
Attend AACN Events Near You This Fall
Delirium Doubles Mortality, Lengthens ICU Stays
Meropenem Approved for Treating Infants With Abdominal Infections
Should Criteria for Severe Sepsis Be Changed?
AACN and SSC references for sepsis
New App Helps Clinicians Manage Multimorbidity
Chocolate May Be Good for Your Heart
Weak Grip Strength as Indicator of Heart Attack, Stroke
Hyper/Hypoglycemia Affects Brain Function in Adolescents With Type 1 Diabetes
Mechanical Ventilation May Lead to Long-Term Disability
Assess Patients for Frailty Before Discharge
Time-Lapse Microscopy Shows Death of White Blood Cells for First Time
Google Wristband Tracks Medical-Grade Data for Researchers, Physicians
Cardiac Telemetry Has Little Benefit Outside the ICU
AACN Resources
Predictive Modeling Detects Suicide Risk Among VA Patients
Metabolic Syndrome Continues to Rise Among U.S. Adults
Intra-Arterial Treatment for Stroke Likely Cost-Effective
Recommendations for Safe Intra-Hospital Transport of Critically Ill Patients
Providing Emotional Support for Nurses
Patients Need More Information Before Undergoing PCI
Importance of Clinical Pharmacists for Patient Care
Expert Panel Releases PARDS Recommendations
Wireless Monitor Keeps Tabs on Patients
NPSF Guidelines for Investigating Medical Errors
In Our Journals
Certification Capsules
President’s Note

Bold Voices - September 2015